OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - Full Comparison

  • Published: 19 May 2019
  • Here is a full comparison between the OnePlus 7 Pro vs the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

    In this video, we will do a deep dive and compare every aspect of the OnePlus 7 Pro and the Galaxy S10+. We will compare the camera, speed, build quality, price, battery life and more to see which one of these smartphones is the WINNER.

    Let's dive in.

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Comments • 715

    SAGAR GUPTA  2 hours back

    All i wanted was a comparison video comparing the software features both the devices offer, like the dock feature in the Samsung devices and the filedash in oneplus. And all u guys ever upload is the basic shit information that is on every single website.

    • james van gemert
      james van gemert  16 hours back

      Do you not mention pro photo mode were you can take 48mp images. On the ONE PLUS 7 PRO.

      • Cristano Ronaldo
        Cristano Ronaldo  1 days back


        • Cristano Ronaldo
          Cristano Ronaldo  1 days back


          • Yabeseu 20
            Yabeseu 20  1 days back

            I wonder how all of you Samsung 10s owner feel about the price depreciation of the phone more than 40% ..10s plus value was 1,600 but now only worth 750.. sucks so much money spent to only have a phone worth half the price now.. glad I have a oneplus, I save on my bill too.

            • Nabeel K
              Nabeel K  3 days back

              Oneplus 7 pro screen is dim, loses detail from videos, I'm thinking of selling mine for note 9, see both @5:01

              • Eddie Hall
                Eddie Hall  19 hours back

                It depends on the resolution of the vid you are looking at..

            • Thomas Feltes
              Thomas Feltes  3 days back

              What's that ugly thing in the top right-hand corner

              • Mr.Molov
                Mr.Molov  4 days back

                guys if you love camera just buy iphone lol im android user but never liked the camera in all android phones

                • Mr.Molov
                  Mr.Molov  4 days back

                  am sorry to say this the video is 1080p but it looks like 144p

                  • GeXExtremist
                    GeXExtremist  4 days back

                    imagine havinng a laggy 60hz display on samsung lool, 7 pro all the way

                    • GeXExtremist
                      GeXExtremist  1 days back

                      @Crypt1tic_ ChAoz lol I get 2 days out of mine and who needs a headphone jack lmfao

                    • Crypt1tic_ ChAoz
                      Crypt1tic_ ChAoz  3 days back

                      Imagine having a trash battery and no headphone Jack

                  • Ara Sirwan
                    Ara Sirwan  5 days back

                    In my country you can get s10+ for 650$ and oneplus for 670 $ so oneplus is more expensive.

                    • BMB Bader
                      BMB Bader  2 days back

                      Ara Sirwan exactly same here , both oneplus and 10+ are 670$

                  • Sean McClelland
                    Sean McClelland  5 days back

                    If only the OnePlus 7 Pro had water resistant it would have been perfect

                    • jeddauy
                      jeddauy  5 days back


                  • Semek_lipinski Lipinski

                    Samsung has a awful front facing camera. How can people look at that ugly shit?
                    Constantly having 2 big holes in the screen is just bad, and ruins the screen 110%
                    OnePlus software is better.
                    Wireless charging is so pointless. slow & and you can't use your phone while it's charging. Ip68 doesn't count either. OnePlus can survive under water as well.

                    Only thing Samsung is winning on, is camera. Who need sd card? Just get Google photos better in all ways than a sd card.

                    • OSM Tactics
                      OSM Tactics  6 days back

                      The difference between these two phones in price is here €50. Should i take the s10+? Or the OnePlus?

                      • Durgesh Shukla
                        Durgesh Shukla  6 days back

                        Galaxy S10+

                        • Abe Q
                          Abe Q  7 days back

                          Excellent video. Thanks for help me to take a decision.

                          • Andre Sinaga
                            Andre Sinaga  1 weeks back

                            I bought my 2nd S10 (the 1st one I gave it to my mother, though)...and the price is cheaper than OP7 Pro...there's no way I paid for the phone that doesn't have the SD Card, IP Rating, Wireless Charging, LESSER CAMERA performance, than the cheaper but are more SUPERIOR compared to the OP7 Pro....

                            I'm not saying that OP7 Pro is bad, but compared to S10 especially with a CHEAPER Price on my region, that's doesn't make any sense to paid for the OP7 Pro....

                            • Luke 'soon to be banned' Reid

                              Hate the hole in the screen. Until Samsung stop doing this I won't be upgrading my Note 9 with them.

                              • Jan Drásal
                                Jan Drásal  1 weeks back

                                IP rating is NO is a certification...this certification cost manufacture quite a lot of $ on each unit !!! both phones is comparable in area of water and dust resistance! Reviewer, learn it pls.

                                S10+ wireless charging is useless now...water resistance no different..(IP rating? lol), hearphonejack as "+" now??:-D, expandable storage at 256 GB phone --yes too handy (no it isnt), wireless powershare....if you have earpods, better camera NO, just better SW (for now...last OP7 camera update change a lot) so OK...what now for 300$?

                                OP7 has way better display...(90hz is most OP feature now), waay better SW (Oxygen OS), no cuts in display....better updates....for 300$ less...

                                • SnillySnail
                                  SnillySnail  1 weeks back

                                  For me, the S10 is $600 and S10+ is $700.

                              • Gaming Test
                                Gaming Test  1 weeks back

                                Rip 60hz screen.. 90 is so much better.
                                Waiting in future 120hz or even 144hz screens... what just amazing..1+7pro is everything 😍

                                • Anthony Wall
                                  Anthony Wall  1 weeks back

                                  cant say anything about oneplus but ive tryed my wifes s phones before sorry ill put my note up against any phone and with the 5g note10 coming out this year ill save my money til that comes out

                                  • Jan Drásal
                                    Jan Drásal  1 weeks back

                                    Note 10 at 1100$ start...OK....

                                • Aurtorious Gaming
                                  Aurtorious Gaming  1 weeks back

                                  Always find it interested when people compare pricing at full price. Even though 85% of people actually finance phones thru contract discounts. One plus isn't available thru carriers so 700 bucks is in reality going to be, free-150 bucks to get the s10 plus.

                                  • Enitin
                                    Enitin  1 weeks back

                                    Stop talking bullshit.

                                    • Lawrance Joshva
                                      Lawrance Joshva  1 weeks back

                                      IAM buying a new phone which is better Samsung galaxy S10 Plus or One Plus 7pro which is better

                                      • Cool Kid
                                        Cool Kid  2 weeks back

                                        My Samsung Talaxy Tab A is slower than the S10 on this video

                                        • Ghaffar Ejaz
                                          Ghaffar Ejaz  2 weeks back

                                          where is lg? lg g8 v40 or v50
                                          i think lg is better than oneplus....

                                          • James Jotes
                                            James Jotes  2 weeks back

                                            Ack! Didn't realize 7 Pro didn't have wireless charging. I don't know if I'm willing to go back to the days of broken charge ports...

                                            • Laxman Jat
                                              Laxman Jat  2 weeks back

                                              Samsung S10 +

                                              • Anilkumar B
                                                Anilkumar B  2 weeks back

                                                what should I buy One plus 7 pro or s10+ pls reply guyz

                                                • MoneyMaker
                                                  MoneyMaker  2 weeks back

                                                  Go for Samsung if you can pay +1k

                                              • matan m
                                                matan m  2 weeks back

                                                The compere done for me when I see the s10 plus cum in my country with exenosy processor and the op7 with snap 855 Tnx👍🏼

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                                                  • Blacki Gangsta
                                                    Blacki Gangsta  2 weeks back

                                                    but the 90hz is so nice

                                                    • Blacki Gangsta
                                                      Blacki Gangsta  2 weeks back

                                                      lol the s10 plus cost 799$ in my country
                                                      and 7 pro also 799$

                                                      • Lorenzo Washington
                                                        Lorenzo Washington  2 weeks back

                                                        Don't sleep on Samsung pay which works almost everywhere very nice feature op7 can't touch with a stick

                                                        • Josh Thompson
                                                          Josh Thompson  2 weeks back

                                                          I have the 7 pro and added a wireless charge pad to it. It works with my Galaxy watch, Samsung TV, and even the Dex station. I came from a s8+ and I am finding it hard to justify the s10 price when the 7 pro is so much cheaper and all around an awesome device. Worth it

                                                          • Carlos Del rosario
                                                            Carlos Del rosario  2 weeks back

                                                            S10plus is the best I give my op7pro to my little sister. S10plus way better.

                                                            • Jan Drásal
                                                              Jan Drásal  1 weeks back

                                                              stop it....just talking bullshit

                                                          • Celtics Daily
                                                            Celtics Daily  2 weeks back

                                                            It’s actually 256 gb of storage

                                                            • Juliebeth Cacao
                                                              Juliebeth Cacao  2 weeks back

                                                              Great review

                                                              • Mc WinK
                                                                Mc WinK  2 weeks back

                                                                I was torn between the two. Always had Sami phones then went for the oneplus 6t . I had a choice between s10 plus or oneplus pro. Went for the s10 plus at the end. Oneplus is good but yes does get a lot of updates but mostly bug fixes a phone that should not have

                                                                • Adam Vang
                                                                  Adam Vang  2 weeks back

                                                                  Every phone has problems and if OnePlus is pushing them updates quicker why switch lmao..

                                                              • Rahul Das
                                                                Rahul Das  2 weeks back

                                                                The only problem I have with Samsung is it receives the software updates like extremely late. I want a phone with the latest android os.

                                                                • Brighton Jeol
                                                                  Brighton Jeol  2 weeks back

                                                                  I am a s10+ owner and I am typing this review with s10+ .I recently bought 1+7 for my son I noticed that the processing speed is clearly higher than the s10+ for what ever reason and the sound recording is kind of more clear in 1+7 pro . The problems in the 1+7 pro are mostly correctable by software updates. So I think
                                                                  1+7pro will take the lead in furture and speaking of software updates good luck with the software updates in the Samsung it's like it will never come .l almost not that much satisfied changing from s9+to s10+,And the wireless charging it's like I never really want to use it because if I charge it with wired charger it will charge faster then why would I go for a wireless one if it's slow for fancy charging ? and the reverse charge that they offer it quickly drianing the battery faster than you think . They say Samsung has a really more features than 1+7pro but come on compare the price s and trust me I have been using Samsung for years now and I have never actually used the so called many features offered by Samsung
                                                                  .The earphone jack for 1+7pro is available in amazon which connects from charger port to earphone but regardless of all this both are good phones

                                                                  • Aniket Jain
                                                                    Aniket Jain  2 weeks back

                                                                    Thank you! This video was ridiculously useful and very clear and concise.

                                                                    • Girish Rajani
                                                                      Girish Rajani  2 weeks back

                                                                      I think OnePlus pro is better only because of Warp charge

                                                                      • Vijayakrishnan K K
                                                                        Vijayakrishnan K K  2 weeks back

                                                                        If you compare the size, S10+ is the winner. Oneplus 7 pro is huge and heavy. If you keep OP7pro in your shirt pocket, it feels heavy. You need to use both hands to use OP7pro, unless you have huge hands. No offence to OP7pro. Its a great phone, but, because of its huge size and weight, its not for everyone. Because of huge price tag, S10+ is not for everyone, as well.

                                                                        • Vijayakrishnan K K
                                                                          Vijayakrishnan K K  2 weeks back

                                                                          @Adam Vang Size of hands and money in your pocket, decides the winner :P

                                                                        • Adam Vang
                                                                          Adam Vang  2 weeks back

                                                                          So there is no winner lmao..

                                                                      • Destroyer007
                                                                        Destroyer007  3 weeks back

                                                                        I'm pretty sure 90hz works in apps

                                                                      • Destroyer007
                                                                        Destroyer007  3 weeks back

                                                                        hey saki, its 516ppi for oneplus and more on the galaxy s10+

                                                                        • Dragon Saga PvP
                                                                          Dragon Saga PvP  3 weeks back

                                                                          Since Samsungs prices are falling, the s10+ is already below 800€ which makes it even Better

                                                                          • Adam Vang
                                                                            Adam Vang  2 weeks back

                                                                            How? That's just being subjective on price lol

                                                                        • Nichole Tech
                                                                          Nichole Tech  3 weeks back

                                                                          S10+ still has more features than OP7

                                                                          • Noobwreckspros Fps
                                                                            Noobwreckspros Fps  2 weeks back

                                                                            @eugenefanaccount McLean one plus lied ,it's 2.2 X optical zoom,Gorilla glass 5 lol,no ip rating and wireless charging,cheap camera module,ghost touch.

                                                                          • eugenefanaccount McLean
                                                                            eugenefanaccount McLean  3 weeks back

                                                                            Popup cam
                                                                            Emergency retracting cam
                                                                            Curved display
                                                                            Noice colours
                                                                            Samsung display
                                                                            Uninterrupted display
                                                                            Insanely fast charging
                                                                            Oxygen OS which is one of the best Android ui's
                                                                            Software customibility
                                                                            Fastest phone on the market (faster than the S10)
                                                                            12gb ram
                                                                            Somewhat affordable / insane price to features and quality ratio