50 Cent Laughs @ Young Buck'S Alleged 3-Year Relationship w/ GlamPurfek

  • Published: 21 May 2019
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    50 Cent Reacts To Young Buck's Alleged Trans Lover Revealing 3Yr Relationship
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  • Geneva Cottingham
    Geneva Cottingham  2 months back

    50 Cent and Young Bucks needs to stop feuding. Young people are watching and learning from them. If Young Bucks likes who he likes, that's his concern. There is more important things to call consider, than Young Bucks love interest. Work together and make the money, and help others to achieve their goals(Rapping).

    • Cz TV
      Cz TV  4 months back

      So you gonna respect that nigga and call him a girl. You suspect. You gay too. Drops the mic

      • yadda 10
        yadda 10  5 months back

        buck done.

        • paystyles
          paystyles  5 months back


          • G Riley
            G Riley  5 months back

            Soul ties why don't buck just spill the beans cause if bucks gay Fifty is too along wit g.unit I'll tell u one thing both them niggas look fruity especially 50 . would not b surprised if them niggas fucking each other.

            • arabion knights
              arabion knights  5 months back

              Black people move on from gossip.
              This bs will not advanced the quality of your lives.
              And explain why a lot of us are hard on young buck. And he hasn't harmed any one??
              But fifty cents gets a pass for trashing his first son. Knowing most of us grow up without our fathers teachings and wisdom...?????
              Leave b.s. behind us..

              • John Doe
                John Doe  5 months back

                No that’s a boy !

                • Travis Huny
                  Travis Huny  6 months back

                  Buck like boy dick😂

                  • zack da black mac
                    zack da black mac  6 months back

                    See 50 cent know thiz videos about that he she been out for bout a year now.

                    • ASVP OVERTIME
                      ASVP OVERTIME  6 months back

                      When a man calls another man a woman it says alot about him that you young bucking out here too SMH.

                      • Monala Neutral
                        Monala Neutral  5 months back

                        @Lo Key don't waste your energy on that BONE SMUGGLER. lol😂😂sick the Booty Warrior on it's ass that will calm HIM.

                      • Dontever touchmyhat
                        Dontever touchmyhat  6 months back

                        @SUPPORTTHIST.V you sound sus as fuck buddy. I identify as the king of the earth so call me "your highness". See how that works?

                      • B A R B I E
                        B A R B I E  6 months back

                        Lo Key you probably have no kids no wife no nothing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 how lonely are you that u ended up listening to a transgender situation 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                      • Lo Key
                        Lo Key  6 months back

                        @B A R B I E put all of y'all on one Island together so y'all can erase yallself.

                      • B A R B I E
                        B A R B I E  6 months back

                        Lo Key WE ALL KNOW TRANSGENDER WOMEN ARE NOT REAL WOMEN. I am a transgender as well I AM NOT A WOMAN I am a trans woman tf . We know we ain’t ever gon get pregnant or have a pussy. AND WITH THAT BEING SAID TAKE TRANSGENDER DICK OUT YOUR MOUTH.

                    • Riches and Wealth 777 777

                      Young buck is finished Young buck career is over. plus young buck is a gay sleeping with trans and boys

                      • KING WOODS
                        KING WOODS  6 months back

                        U must be with the agenda?

                        • Travis Huny
                          Travis Huny  6 months back

                          Buck likes bout meat. Nasty fucka

                      • Joseph Gilbert
                        Joseph Gilbert  6 months back

                        Aye buck it

                        • Rasheed Askari
                          Rasheed Askari  6 months back

                          How can you be a real man and call a man a women?we accept anything smh.Its messed up we dont have images of black women that are positive. On top of that we have men that want to be women and our men acknowledge that as being a women. You are disrespecting every women in your family be doing that.lets get some pride about ourselves!!!!

                          • Lo Key
                            Lo Key  6 months back

                            Why u calling him she

                            • C. Griff
                              C. Griff  5 months back

                              Because he's just a bitch anyway lol

                          • J Law
                            J Law  6 months back

                            fake news..

                            • J Law
                              J Law  5 months back

                              @Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williamswatch the video again..the camera is in a specific place to it was a directed scene..
                              and you talking like you know the man...

                            • Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williams
                              Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williams  6 months back

                              @J Law 50 is a different breed of petty 😂 and he isn't a "bully" he busts everyone's balls 🙄 didn't you see the picture of Wendy Williams next to the beast from that TV show 🤦😂😂😂😭 you can't fake shit like that. Somethings you just have to accept as crazy as they are ESPECIALLY in Hollywood and the Music industry. Look how many in Hollywood KNEW about Bruce Jenner before we did.

                            • CiCi D.
                              CiCi D.  6 months back

                              @J Law I can agree with that, but it doesn't change the fact he got busted & it's on video !

                            • J Law
                              J Law  6 months back

                              @CiCi D. Because it's a Soap Opera alot of people are griped by the soap opera that's is social media..

                            • CiCi D.
                              CiCi D.  6 months back

                              No matter what, when it all boils down, Buck got caught ! It's on video, no staging, no faking, PERIOD !

                          • princepernell#10
                            princepernell#10  6 months back

                            Stop calling that nigga a she!!!

                            • Davon Griffin
                              Davon Griffin  6 months back

                              50 cent doing a good job coming after young buck keep up the good work

                              • C. Griff
                                C. Griff  6 months back

                                So she blew up this man's whole spot and he was just a side piece? Smh ratchet as ratchet can get smh...that's super petty

                                • C. Griff
                                  C. Griff  6 months back

                                  @Solid Truth. And fake ass voice 🤣🤣😵

                                • C. Griff
                                  C. Griff  6 months back

                                  @Solid Truth. 😂😂

                              • Loyalty Alwayz
                                Loyalty Alwayz  6 months back

                                Whats really going on