Old Wives Tales - Gender Predictions - Were they right??

  • Published: 22 July 2015
  • Hint Hint to baby's name in this video!! Surprisingly they were mostly accurate.
    Gender prediction list:

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    Please do your own research. I am just learning myself, I am making videos to find support, answers and maybe help someone along the way.

    Thanks for watching!

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Comments • 16

  • chemiku91
    chemiku91  4 years back

    I am 8 weeks, and sure to have a boy, but these old wives tales show that it most likely is a girl :D WHAT :D

    • TasiasLife
      TasiasLife  4 years back

      i just found your channel and ump i freakin love you! i can't wait to catch up on clllllll your videos and follow the rest of your journey!

      • Smartie And Steveo
        Smartie And Steveo  4 years back

        Fun! :)

        • Stronger then Infertility

          Lol I had a dream the other day I gave birth to a boy that was like 5 and talking and walking and talking on my kitchen table lol I'm having a girl like I said hehe weird dream I tell you

          • Stronger then Infertility

            Haha little boy part inside of you lol. No but seriously. With my 3 daughters I was extremely moody and on edge. With my only son omg pregnancy was a breeze hardly cried at all. With the first two girls post Partom bad with my son nope not at all. With my 4th girl post partom the first 2 weeks but learned to control it. With baby girl on the way and #5 and 29 weeks or in my 30th week lol, witch I choose to go by 29 weeks till I'm finished. Because my eldest is almost 18 and even almost 9 years ago with my son we always used the week we were in. So when I'm 29 weeks I say I'm 29 weeks lol till I start 30 weeks. Everyone's choice lol. But this pregnancy having another girl sooooo emotional

            • Cecily Saenz
              Cecily Saenz  4 years back

              With my first pregnancy my nipples got darker (girl) and lightened up after I had her. As far as this pregnancy goes I haven't really noticed a big difference(12 wks) maybe it''ll happen in the weeks to come idk. . .

              • Stronger then Infertility
                Stronger then Infertility  4 years back

                I'm pregnant with number 5 hon!!! With my first they got dark so fast, then got light about a month after I had her. With my second they didn't darken till a month b4 I had her but still not as close as with my first. My son didn't get dark at all, just a tad darker a week b4 I had him. With my 4th they got dark fast and never got light again lol. I had a girl girl boy girl and another girl on the way.

            • Judy Gonzalez
              Judy Gonzalez  4 years back

              I enjoy watching your videos 😀

              • Jackie & Baby
                Jackie & Baby  4 years back

                The name must be Emma!! As soon as you said that you had wanted to name your daughter this particular name since you were younger but the fact that it got so popular turned it off, it reminded me exactly of what happened with me. I always wanted the name Emma, and that is what we are going with! If that's what it is, rest assured, it's officially off the top ten list!

              • dote -
                dote -  4 years back

                Oh my gosh. Every one that applied to me was BOY! I had a dream it was a girl. Thank you for posting this! very helpful. and I only can think of a boy name I like. ahhhhh.

                • Cecily Saenz
                  Cecily Saenz  4 years back

                  @dakota valentine there is a Harmony blood test that can be done at as early as ten weeks. It checks for abnormalities and they can actual tell the baby's gender through this test. I'm getting it done Monday and I'm 12 weeks. :) good luck!!!!

                • Bumps to Bundles
                  Bumps to Bundles   4 years back

                  @dakota valentine yay good luck!!!

                • dote -
                  dote -  4 years back

                  I will. I'm only 10 weeks 5 days. (my estimated due date) I'll let you know when I find out the gender! my first ultrasound/ob appointment is tomorrow! yay!!!!

                • Bumps to Bundles
                  Bumps to Bundles   4 years back

                  @dakota valentine Looks like you may be having a boy! Let me know!

              • Rebecca L
                Rebecca L  4 years back

                Is it a baby EMERY???