ComplexCon Chicago: The Future Made Physical

  • Published: 05 April 2019
  • Want to know the future? Come experience it yourself at ComplexCon Chicago: The Future Made Physical.

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Comments • 44

  • Complex
    Complex   1 months back

    Buy your tickets here:

    • odigglesworth
      odigglesworth  2 months back

      Star Wars Celebration and ComplexCon?? Chicago quit being so greedy 😉

      • Marko
        Marko  2 months back

        Bro stop, you guys just want money off this Con, from the Hypebeast kids and all the exclusives you could give a fuck about change or the future. On me you guys look goofy af saying shit like this in an AD FOR complexcon.

        • nahallud
          nahallud  2 months back


          • meh meh
            meh meh  2 months back

            Still waiting for Atlanta's turn 😞

            • PeterChaCha
              PeterChaCha  2 months back

              Finally bruh Chicago

              • ChiCityCris
                ChiCityCris  2 months back

                Welp... time to make money off these bozos. Make sure you get vip or its over.

                • MrJkickz
                  MrJkickz  2 months back

                  Hope you guys do one in NYC

                  • WWE Hip Hop
                    WWE Hip Hop  2 months back

                    Kill john calloway. He stay in melrose park , il 2215 Mannheim rd.

                    • Syd Lopez
                      Syd Lopez  2 months back

                      BRING KIDS SEE GHOSTS

                      • Booker T
                        Booker T  2 months back

                        Trinidad got some fattttttt tittiessss

                        • Danny A
                          Danny A  2 months back

                          Are the tickets on sale now?.

                        • Jeff Moore
                          Jeff Moore  2 months back

                          Is the FSR crew going to be there?

                          • meh meh
                            meh meh  2 months back

                            Asking the real questions

                        • Panther Huncho
                          Panther Huncho  2 months back

                          Drill music birth place 🔥

                          • DHVNSEN
                            DHVNSEN  2 months back


                          • DVD 78
                            DVD 78  2 months back

                            Bring back Damon Dash!!!!!1

                            • Microbe T.
                              Microbe T.  2 months back

                              PRICE TAG???

                              • ibrahim johnson
                                ibrahim johnson  2 months back

                                Under 100 likes

                                • Cristian Lopez
                                  Cristian Lopez  2 months back


                                  • Ivan Saavedra
                                    Ivan Saavedra  2 months back

                                    Never been to Complex Con so now that it's going to be in Chicago I could go and be surrounded by people from my city 👌🏽 I can't wait

                                    • Alan Guijosa
                                      Alan Guijosa  2 months back

                                      so sick im from Chicago! can't wait for this

                                      • Connor Michael
                                        Connor Michael  2 months back

                                        0:37 oh look dillion francis

                                        • Connor Michael
                                          Connor Michael  2 months back

                                          i want that takashi collab stuff

                                          • 5x family
                                            5x family  2 months back

                                            I like video

                                            • 22359宮殿野原
                                              22359宮殿野原  2 months back

                                              Holy shit actually close to where I live

                                              • mark Phillips
                                                mark Phillips  2 months back

                                                who else here is from Chicago 🌃

                                                • go oo
                                                  go oo  2 months back

                                                  2919Beamin east Rogers North Pole

                                                • mark Phillips
                                                  mark Phillips  2 months back

                                                  @2919Bemin cottage groove ain't safe that's right near oblock the ikes wasn't safe either my dad got killed over there 4 selling drugs #fuckdrugs and I'm only 16

                                                • bulls on parade
                                                  bulls on parade  2 months back

                                                  I use to live on Streeterville ...and let me tell you that Chicago is a fucking dump

                                                • Danny A
                                                  Danny A  2 months back

                                                  Ayeee south side 💯

                                                • Microbe T.
                                                  Microbe T.  2 months back

                                                  @2919Beamin If you don't know then you don't know.

                                              • WOLFCHAINZ2
                                                WOLFCHAINZ2  2 months back

                                                Fuck Compex nigga... this VICE gang up in this bitch foo

                                                • Will Moriarty
                                                  Will Moriarty  2 months back

                                                  Time to go to Chicago

                                                  • Chris Rodriguez
                                                    Chris Rodriguez  2 months back

                                                    Burn where is this At

                                                    • Mentor Beats
                                                      Mentor Beats  2 months back


                                                      • Chef's Dad
                                                        Chef's Dad  2 months back

                                                        Where Natasha at?