BEST MAGIC Auditions in 2018 | Magicians Got Talent

  • Published: 10 January 2019
  • Watch the top magic auditions around the world including the best magic auditions with Simon Cowell on Britain'a Got Talent and America's Got Talent 2018.
    What did you think of the the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...

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Comments • 64

  • Iohbor Mawz Mawkhlieng
    Iohbor Mawz Mawkhlieng  4 weeks back

    Mind blowing man

    • red headed psycho
      red headed psycho  2 months back

      i only watch Britain and Americas got talent. other ones i don't understand what they say


        45:26 scary girls is my types ❤😍😍

      • zack adam
        zack adam  2 months back

        Prefer American and Britain got talent..
        And other copyrights

        • Dennis T
          Dennis T  4 months back

          "Woow, magic" ahahahahahaaa!! Ahahahahahaaa!!

          • PHANTOM
            PHANTOM  5 months back


            • PHANTOM
              PHANTOM  5 months back

              The Sacred Riana: SIMPLY AMAZING..! 43:53 ONE OF THE BEST..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • PHANTOM
                PHANTOM  5 months back

                Very stupid act 42:44 noticed the machine holding him? nooo..? AMAZING..!

                • Redrum Creations
                  Redrum Creations  5 months back

                  39:46 The award for most obvious use of scripted product placement advertising goes to!

                  • POUSADAS EM UBATUBA
                    POUSADAS EM UBATUBA  5 months back


                    • VoidDrop
                      VoidDrop  6 months back

                      11:14 look at someone doing dat naruto run

                      • KT Fc
                        KT Fc  6 months back

                        I love David

                        • Mr3anGle
                          Mr3anGle  6 months back

                          WOW MAGIC....... LOL this guy funny

                          • Sandwich
                            Sandwich  6 months back

                            13:30 you can see the rope

                            • Mr3anGle
                              Mr3anGle  6 months back

                              i didnt see where is it ?

                          • Jordy Rakena
                            Jordy Rakena  7 months back

                            WOW MAAGGGIICC

                            • My MUMU
                              My MUMU  7 months back

                              WOW MAJIC!

                              • ashley S
                                ashley S  7 months back

                                the act at 30:09 had me in tears

                                • Sawera Noor
                                  Sawera Noor  8 months back

                                  Magic is soul...♥
                                  Can some one please tell the name of the song playin' in back at would be very kind..😊

                                  • Twiddle Bee
                                    Twiddle Bee  8 months back


                                    • Psytrance Makes You Better

                                      13:49 watch closer and notice the placement of the things they lying on

                                      • Poor Gaming YT
                                        Poor Gaming YT  9 months back

                                        18:25 fake.he are hold the card from 18:23

                                        • Mr. Loyal
                                          Mr. Loyal  9 months back

                                          he is right,,shin lim has black magic,,,like david blaine,,they know something we did not in this world

                                          • ksskskkss
                                            ksskskkss  9 months back


                                            oH ok

                                            • Marcus Öhman
                                              Marcus Öhman  9 months back

                                              Why the stupid sound effects on Pilipinas got talent?

                                            • THE RAY RAY
                                              THE RAY RAY  9 months back

                                              I love that Akbar searching through his pockets to make sure nothing fishy was going on LOL

                                              • Pleeji Thoj
                                                Pleeji Thoj  9 months back

                                                when he started crying at 4:19 omg it was so funny i didnt see that coming

                                                • Health Beauty Life
                                                  Health Beauty Life  9 months back

                                                  Best Magic AUDITIONS

                                                  • Simon Grönlund
                                                    Simon Grönlund  9 months back

                                                    Subtexts to English would be great, even though me personally is not English native, but I have no idea what small languages around the world says (small in the sense only so many millions speak them, no intention to say they are lesser than other languages)

                                                    • ScotIre Land
                                                      ScotIre Land  8 months back


                                                  • d4mskippy 74
                                                    d4mskippy 74  9 months back

                                                    At 11:16 does anyone know what's running in the back of the judges?

                                                  • arkangel
                                                    arkangel  9 months back

                                                    Cosentino at the end! Aussie proud!

                                                    • Lindsey Carrabetta
                                                      Lindsey Carrabetta  9 months back

                                                      Noone notice at like 7:48 you see him take the card away when he was covering the judges hand

                                                    • King Jaymar
                                                      King Jaymar  9 months back

                                                      ""Skelton"" ..come on jamie

                                                      • Chi Power
                                                        Chi Power  9 months back

                                                        The magician performing around 26 Minute was amazing, can i know his Name?

                                                        • Chi Power
                                                          Chi Power  9 months back

                                                          Found IT out, his Name is bilegt

                                                      • Ahmad
                                                        Ahmad  9 months back

                                                        LOL, Simon's chest hair, He has so many

                                                        • SpadeFN
                                                          SpadeFN  4 months back

                                                          Missy May and if your telling him to wait till he’s older, if your an adult posting epic gaming moments you might wanna rethink yourself LMAOOOO

                                                        • SpadeFN
                                                          SpadeFN  4 months back

                                                          Missy May how bout worry about getting those 6 subscribers up LMAO

                                                        • Peter C
                                                          Peter C  8 months back

                                                          @Missy May Hey, Missy......

                                                          1) Learn some punctuation.
                                                          2) Learn some punctuation.
                                                          Also, learn some punctuation.....and it's "wait UNTIL YOU'RE older"......

                                                          And learn some punctuation. What are you, twelve???

                                                        • Fatehvir Thakur
                                                          Fatehvir Thakur  9 months back

                                                          @Ahmad You've edited your comment

                                                        • Ahmad
                                                          Ahmad  9 months back

                                                          @Missy May First, I was just joking.
                                                          Second, where is "hear" ? I dont see it.

                                                      • Z Nine
                                                        Z Nine  9 months back

                                                        while I read all your comments, my video still buffering..

                                                        • Aditya Raj
                                                          Aditya Raj  9 months back

                                                          at 4:45 why didn't he asked them to show the rest of their cards?

                                                          • bryan how
                                                            bryan how  9 months back

                                                            he did ask them to check ..r u deaf?

                                                          • ImJay Station
                                                            ImJay Station  9 months back

                                                            Dude i know how this trick is done and showing the cards doesnt matter they all are different..
                                                            The secret is something else completely different and very easy.☺

                                                        • sleepingPanda124 xx
                                                          sleepingPanda124 xx  9 months back


                                                          • Rodrigo Corbal
                                                            Rodrigo Corbal  9 months back

                                                            I love it that the title y "Best Magic AUDITIONS" and the first one is finalist performance...

                                                            • Night3603
                                                              Night3603  4 months back

                                                              Cleary it was magic.

                                                          • Reina Assassin
                                                            Reina Assassin  9 months back


                                                            • Taha Rehman
                                                              Taha Rehman  9 months back


                                                              • fujico agustin
                                                                fujico agustin  9 months back

                                                                I love magic... woòwww