Sticking Your Air Jordan 4's To The Ceiling Trick | #LIFEATCOMPLEX

  • Published: 29 April 2019
  • On this episode Tony shows us a cool way to shoot video content with your hyped shoes, this is also known as flexing for the gram! Later on Hadaya and Andrew gives us a tour of the NEW Everyday Struggle set! With upgrades to the new set this season of EDS is ready for more action packed episodes! We also get an exclusive look at Tyler "Ninja" Blevins limited friends and family RedBull headband!

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Comments • 62

  • Yogirl Cheeks
    Yogirl Cheeks  4 months back

    I wrapped Ray Allen in sram wrap how ever tf you spell it and glued it on my wall so the glue won’t hurt the shoe

    • Ash Wolf
      Ash Wolf  5 months back

      4:43 - don't waste your life like I did

      • djohnson721
        djohnson721  5 months back

        Why are folks tripping over the 4s like they never came out before? Still got mine from 2012

        • djohnson721
          djohnson721  5 months back

          And I didn't pay close to $200

      • D WiLL
        D WiLL  5 months back

        So yall just updated this set with everything from the Open Late show? Got it

        • Marc A
          Marc A  5 months back

          What happened to that beija chic

          • Ash Wolf
            Ash Wolf  5 months back

            If that's who I think it is, she's my wife... so fine

        • Alejandro Andretti
          Alejandro Andretti  5 months back

          This show a L

          • miamiwax
            miamiwax  5 months back

            Hadaya is a damn goddess

            • Alex Malcolm
              Alex Malcolm  5 months back

              Why everybody wannabe talk like black dude

              • Tax Free Productions
                Tax Free Productions  5 months back


                • Maddy Muhat
                  Maddy Muhat  5 months back


                  • Ei8hth Wonder
                    Ei8hth Wonder  5 months back

                    Avengers Endgame link in description of my most recent video

                    • zeekmorris
                      zeekmorris  5 months back

                      Hadaya is a fucking snacccc. Would not pull out.

                      • zeekmorris
                        zeekmorris  5 months back

                        Complex is like a cancer on society.

                        • zeekmorris
                          zeekmorris  5 months back

                          I refuse to wear Jordan’s because of people at Complex and Tony Mui.

                          • Eugenio
                            Eugenio  5 months back

                            I want a pair of 4s or 5s 😩

                            • Lecramp
                              Lecramp  5 months back

                              I love those shoes 3000

                              If anyone knows what I'm talking about

                            • AJ Burse
                              AJ Burse  5 months back

                              joe budden podcast> everyday struggle.....yall messed up letting him go

                              • EXIT 11 AOP
                                EXIT 11 AOP  5 months back

                                New joe budden nnnnnnnnew rory and mal its parks

                            • Italian Spaghetti
                              Italian Spaghetti  5 months back

                              Everyday struggle new set looks gay af.

                              • Shya Dalis
                                Shya Dalis  5 months back

                                Glad yall finally got rid of Everyday Struggle

                                • ToDopey
                                  ToDopey  5 months back

                                  Imagine coming home from school and having 100 subs...🥺

                                • jordan bentetres
                                  jordan bentetres  5 months back


                                  • Marquee Watts
                                    Marquee Watts  5 months back

                                    Hadaya beautiful then a mfa omm 😍😍😍😍

                                    • Davon Thigpen
                                      Davon Thigpen  5 months back

                                      ✊🏿 True statement. Was looking for this comment.

                                  • Abdee
                                    Abdee  5 months back

                                    Im a young rapper from germany who's trying to expand his audience. I dropped a track yesterday, called "3Way", check it out and comment something, preferably your honest opinion, thank you <3

                                  • Dilbert Doe Fanboy
                                    Dilbert Doe Fanboy  5 months back


                                    • RAIN MAYHEM
                                      RAIN MAYHEM  5 months back

                                      I have never been a fan of Jordan's that or i just can't see myself spending my hard earned money on overpriced shoes or any other overpriced clothing or footwear

                                      • Christopher Martinez
                                        Christopher Martinez  5 months back

                                        RAIN MAYHEM really depends where your at and how much your making

                                      • RAIN MAYHEM
                                        RAIN MAYHEM  5 months back

                                        @MoeDoesBattle Royale I wouldn't spend that much on a pair of shoes $75ish is my max. I have no problem spending $100+ on a good pair of boots

                                      • MoeDoesBattle Royale
                                        MoeDoesBattle Royale  5 months back

                                        The cheapest is like 112

                                    • oskar 38
                                      oskar 38  5 months back


                                      • MC EITH davis
                                        MC EITH davis  5 months back

                                        duck heads

                                        • Xxxtentoberlerone
                                          Xxxtentoberlerone  5 months back

                                          620 views in 15 mins with 3.6million subs

                                        • 22 Baby World
                                          22 Baby World  5 months back

                                          I will love to come on the show for a freestyle show

                                          • Lil Zucchini
                                            Lil Zucchini  5 months back


                                            • LeBeautiful
                                              LeBeautiful  5 months back

                                              Like Mike...orrr Like Tony

                                              • Oddsboy
                                                Oddsboy  5 months back

                                                HELLO YOUTUBERS IM SÙBBÏNG BACK INSTANTLY 🔥🔥🤘🏼

                                              • chR1st -_-
                                                chR1st -_-  5 months back

                                                Like plz👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

                                                • Bala Muzique
                                                  Bala Muzique  5 months back


                                                  • August Simenc
                                                    August Simenc  5 months back

                                                    also 6th commment

                                                    • August Simenc
                                                      August Simenc  5 months back

                                                      another great video thx bro

                                                      • Nate Schilling
                                                        Nate Schilling  5 months back


                                                        • Mallory Iyana
                                                          Mallory Iyana  5 months back


                                                          • Sandy Sims
                                                            Sandy Sims  5 months back


                                                            • Egon Walther trudslev
                                                              Egon Walther trudslev  5 months back


                                                              • XxDominate 12324
                                                                XxDominate 12324  5 months back