Baby Gender Prediction Tests | OLD WIVES TALES

  • Published: 24 March 2019
  • Hiii guyyyysss!
    Today is a fun video!
    I am updating you on what went on my 9th week of pregnancy, symptoms and all. (first 2 minutes)
    We are also doing 10 baby gender prediction tests - Old wives tales! So lets see if we are having a boy or a girl?

    2:35 Here are the baby prediction tests we did:
    1. Hair strand with wedding ring over palm or belly
    2. Mom’s prediction
    3. Dad’s prediction
    4. Chinese gender calendar
    5. Dad’s weight
    6. Mayan gender calendar
    7. Hair test
    8. Shape of belly
    9. Cabbage water mixed with mom’s pee
    10. Baking soda mixed with mom’s pee

    Hope you enjoy!
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Comments • 25

  • Odette Gibson
    Odette Gibson  5 months back

    Mothers usually knows what she's carrying. I believe it's a boy too.

    • Katherine Michelini
      Katherine Michelini  6 months back

      I Wish i knew about some of these back in the day!! I did the Chinese calendar one & the Mayan Calendar one and they were always 50% With my kids... somehow I always knew what mine were ... I was right every time!! I think it’s that mothers intuition💗💗💗 i bet you’re right!!! Boys!!!💙💙

      • Katherine Michelini
        Katherine Michelini  5 months back

        Yay💙💙💙 I’m sooo happy for you ... I Always just “knew” it’s weird!!!

      • Stucki Fam
        Stucki Fam   5 months back

        Yessss! I was right ❤️

    • Crystal Evans
      Crystal Evans  6 months back

      Oh my goodness these are so much fun. New subscriber here

    • Miriam Quinn
      Miriam Quinn  7 months back

      Some of them looked like it was towards a girl but you kept saying boy bc that’s what u want lol

      • Brianna Desimone
        Brianna Desimone  6 months back

        It’s a boy!!!

      • Stucki Fam
        Stucki Fam   7 months back

        Lol I just think it is
        But we’ll see
        If it’s a girl 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • Molly Granados
      Molly Granados  7 months back

      Don’t forget my vote, Boy! To do so many test u seem anxious to know.😉😊❤️👍🏻

    • Mommy of 3
      Mommy of 3  7 months back

      This is so exciting!!!!

    • Alicia’s Corner
      Alicia’s Corner  7 months back

      Some of the test I haven’t seen others I have I think you are having a boy 💙

    • Cynthia Enriquez
      Cynthia Enriquez  7 months back

      😂😂😂😂 your poor hubby, he’s a good sport! Btw the ring test was accurate w me!

      • Life with the Mestas Family

        How fun🥰

        • Holly Kendall Mom Life
          Holly Kendall Mom Life  7 months back

          I totally did this when I was pregnant with my son! All the tests lead towards a boy and I thought for sure I was having a girl but he is all boy!

          • Shadai Rice
            Shadai Rice  7 months back

            Did the Cabbage test turn red and the Baking soda test fizz like a beer?

        • Shadai Rice
          Shadai Rice  7 months back

          Your hair is looking a little dry, cabbage test stayed purple and baking soda had no fizz lol and I just get a sense its a Girl!!

        • AndreaNallelyVlogs
          AndreaNallelyVlogs  7 months back

          My ring test was boy!!! But I do have super dry skin, hair everything so idk 😂

          • Stucki Fam
            Stucki Fam   7 months back

            It’s so hard to tell! Right?! It’s fun but no way to actually know until an ultrasound confirms it