• Published: 26 January 2019
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  • Alejandra Gemini
    Alejandra Gemini  2 weeks back

    I never liked the idea of birth control and after I gave birth I went on it and i been feeling absolutely terrible .. so I'm going to have to see what I can do. But thank you for the video makes me feel a little less crazy that others feel like this too

    • Marie Volgs
      Marie Volgs  2 weeks back

      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

      • Sofia Rivera
        Sofia Rivera  3 weeks back

        I’ve been on the mirena IUD for 2 years and it’s been GREAT. I don’t even feel it, sometimes I get cramps that hurt really bad but it’s very rare. And went 1 year without my period and the I started getting it in very random times. But I love it 🤷🏽‍♀️

        • Gabriela Gutierrez
          Gabriela Gutierrez  2 months back

          Omg same I missed school a lot based on my badass period pain 😭

          • loved Bytwoo
            loved Bytwoo  3 months back

            i was on the iud for like a year! it had the copper one which its suppose to not have any hormones or make you gain weight! LIES!!! my period was sooo heavy and painfull, i was always anxius and emotional and i had to take it out , my sex drive was dead also! I took it out summer 2018!!! OMG the best decision everrr! i was 205 pnds girl! im only 23 and i was already ar 200 pnds! its been a year and i dont get any pain with my pd, it only lasts like 2-3 days and my doctor saud that is normal! im sooo happy, i have energy i dont get anxious! and girlllll! im 179 pnds! im soo soo happy i made that decision! my advice is! Dont use it! your body is always going to be trying to get rid of this thing inside your body! So thats why you over eat and always emotionally tired! goodluck girls!

            • Zeeb Beeb
              Zeeb Beeb  3 months back

              50% human 50% makeup

              • DREA GONZALEZ
                DREA GONZALEZ  3 months back

                I was on the depo shot for 3 months (only one shot, you take it every 3 months) but it was the worst thing ever. I was suppose to get my second shot in January but he’ll to The no lol that’s when I started bleeding for almost two months. My mood swings were what you call BAD . Literally had to go to the doctor because girl i couldn’t handle it the cramps were so bad so was the bleeding from my cookie 😭😭 The dr had prescribe me the pill (birth control) to regulate my period but it gave me bad side effects.. I was also going crazie LITERALLY. I felt so bad for my boyfriend pero me quiere so se aguanto lol I didn’t figure out why I felt so depressed so angry so just ugh 😩 thank god im over that though

                • Janitta Gomez
                  Janitta Gomez  4 months back

                  I have the nexplanon & it causes headaches for me... or it could even be migraines I’m not sure because they’re so severe sometimes, but I have 2 kids already & I definitely don’t want another baby, so I have to deal w/ my headaches because I’m scared of getting pregnant & I also get my period regularly. It would always be on the dot, every 28 days. I just began exercising & found it has helped out a lot & I’ve been eating healthier which I found also helps a lot I haven’t had a headache since than.

                  • Kenya Saucedo
                    Kenya Saucedo  4 months back

                    Omg the same thing happened to me! I also got my period at a very young age, I was 9 and was always every 28 days and had horrible cramps too but it all changed after I had my baby and currently on IUD. It’s honestly been so weird but idk if it’s just my body going back to normal or those are the effects of the IUD.

                    • Isamar Valenzuela
                      Isamar Valenzuela  4 months back

                      Se me antojo el chinese food🤤

                      • SandyPC
                        SandyPC  4 months back

                        Blanca what car mount do you use for your camera?

                        • Maria Flores
                          Maria Flores  5 months back

                          Omg I just started taking birth control two weeks ago cause I just had a baby 7 months ago and your girl is not trying to have another baby right now and the same thing is happening to me I feel like I’m an emotional wreck I cry like almost everyday it makes me super sick and I also feel like I’m going crazy like everything my husband says to me makes me want to cry or get really mad at him. I told him that the pill is making me go crazy to doing so many crazy things to my body and all he says is just give it time maybe your body needs to get use to it but I don’t know how much longer I can be like this. But I don’t want to get pregnant right now so I’m trying to suck it up.

                          • POOKIE Perez
                            POOKIE Perez  5 months back

                            Girl!!! I’m here washing dishes and watching this laughing 😂 cause I just went through this same thing I was acting crazy, insecure and jealous. I’ve never been that way, I’ve never felt like that with my husband. Just something had come over me.. I broke down crying I prayed and started to come back to my senses.. wow I really can’t believe I’m not the only person who has gone through this.

                            • Alexx Garcia
                              Alexx Garcia  5 months back

                              You should try the hot sauce and a little bit if soy sauce with the Chow Mein. It's really good

                              • Michele Antoinette Nunes Nunes

                                I started mine at 11,I also dont like birth control,thankfully I am a certain age where my periods have stopped.

                                • Claudia J
                                  Claudia J  5 months back

                                  That's my struggle I don't get my period regularly I wish I did

                                  • carolina oliva
                                    carolina oliva  5 months back

                                    Tbh with nexplanon I had it for 8 months and that would give me jealousy, I would check my boyfriends phone, we would fight EVERY SINGLE DAY, I would always be moody, i thought he was cheating on me, like I wouldn’t let him go alone anywhere lol, I was so insecure to myself. And I was like to myself “that is not Carolina “ and so I took it of last week and I’m back to normal thank god lol

                                    • carolina oliva
                                      carolina oliva  5 months back

                                      Nexplanon made me gooooo crazy lol
                                      I got it tooken away last week girl let me tell you I feel way better now

                                      • c Sanchez
                                        c Sanchez  5 months back

                                        You are so pretty😊

                                        • Yare T
                                          Yare T  5 months back

                                          Blanca !! It’s so crazy that I come across this video because I just recently decided to stop taking birth control because it was literally making me so emotional! I had the same experience as you lol I was going off on my boyfriend. I literally told him and encouraged him to go to a family trip then got pissed and started crying because he left. I cried all night and I wouldn’t answer his text or calls and he was like tripping because I literally told him to go. When he came back I just told him idk what is going on I feel like so sad and not myself. So we both decided for me to go off of it. This was my first time taking birth control and I was on it for 1 week 1/2. Idk how people go so long with it. My appetite was crazy I just wanted to comer y comer. Also my blood sugar spiked and that is when I had to draw the line. Anyways thank you for this video and I am glad I am not the only one 😫😭

                                          • Reyna Lopez
                                            Reyna Lopez  5 months back

                                            Yes I’m on birth control the arm implant ( nexplanon) it’s been a year & 2 months since & it’s a love / hate. At first it was really good but I’ve gained so much weight & my mood swings are CRAZY. I get so emotional & depressed ... & i just can’t at times.. I’ve been thinking about getting it removed.

                                            • Fresahh’ 24
                                              Fresahh’ 24  5 months back

                                              Birth control pills fucked me over for some time . I was always tired , depressed every day & I knew it was the pill but I was sexually active and didn’t wanna get pregnant but the pill fail on me once and when it came to the pill I would be so careful to take it every day same exact time but ended up pregnant. After that my bf told be to just get the shot and for the most part haven’t gotten any bad symptoms

                                              • Sunny ray
                                                Sunny ray  5 months back

                                                Girl. I went threw the exact same thing for years.... I didnt realize it was birth control that was effecting me like that and it ruined every relationship I've ever had. It's really sad...

                                                • Rubi Xo
                                                  Rubi Xo  5 months back

                                                  I’m 18 years old and currently 4 months pregnant, I was on birth control for about 3 months only to regulate my period and it actually fixed it so I stoped taking it. I don’t plan on getting on birth control after my baby because I don’t want it to mess my body up just Incase I want more kids later on.

                                                  • Rubi Xo
                                                    Rubi Xo  5 months back

                                                    Umm I’m 4 months pregnant and have not had any cravings yet 🤷🏻‍♀️sense I get asqueada all the time but right now you made me want panda!!!🤕❤️

                                                    • Sunny ray
                                                      Sunny ray  5 months back

                                                      Congratulations 💕

                                                  • Lala Lala
                                                    Lala Lala  5 months back

                                                    Omg what lashes are those😍

                                                    • Brit Bratt
                                                      Brit Bratt  5 months back

                                                      You should use the Film that you insert yourself before sex if you don’t like condoms or BC

                                                      • maricruzbarraza
                                                        maricruzbarraza  6 months back

                                                        Birth control mess me up a lot

                                                        • Paige Maddy
                                                          Paige Maddy  6 months back

                                                          I’m really confused because weed is naturally made and alcohol isn’t. Alcohol can kill and weed doesn’t.........

                                                          • Bianca S
                                                            Bianca S  6 months back

                                                            Girl yes!! Birth control really had me more emotional than usual. It really had me fucked up like that.😭😩

                                                            • Wendy Cienega
                                                              Wendy Cienega  6 months back

                                                              No birth control because I’m like you I don’t want to put anything in my body my Dr said to take birth control to regulate my periods because I got diagnosed with pcos 1-2 years ago but honestly diet and exercise has helped me I don’t see why take birth control but yeah I researched about birth control back then & all the horrible stories I read & heard I was like no thank you. One time like 3-4 years ago Plan B fucked me up for hella months literally ever since then I was like fuck that I was of course not informed when I took the plan B but damn worst experience of my fucking life. Like anything girls do your research because everyone’s body reacts differently but for me it’s a BIG NO!

                                                              • Grisel Inguanzo
                                                                Grisel Inguanzo  6 months back

                                                                Well let’s not track out period! Lol

                                                                • Wes N Alex
                                                                  Wes N Alex  6 months back

                                                                  .........And now you’re preggo

                                                                  • C A
                                                                    C A  6 months back

                                                                    Try putting teriyaki sauce on your chow mein it’s bomb

                                                                    • Barb Montez
                                                                      Barb Montez  6 months back

                                                                      Amen to that , that’s why I never went on birth control and I was afraid of gaining weight and just taking the pill I always felt like I would harm my body

                                                                      • Jessica Rico
                                                                        Jessica Rico  6 months back

                                                                        The depo shot gave me depression and anxiety very bad

                                                                        • Allyson Davis
                                                                          Allyson Davis  6 months back

                                                                          Finishes watching this video :: goes to pnda express 🤣

                                                                          • Yaritza Aguilera
                                                                            Yaritza Aguilera  6 months back

                                                                            I cried everyday for a year!

                                                                            • Emily Milan
                                                                              Emily Milan  6 months back

                                                                              Pills are scary my experience has been bad ass well my hole body goes CRAZY😡😔😂

                                                                              • Veronica  Ortega
                                                                                Veronica Ortega  6 months back

                                                                                You're so lucky that you have a regular period. I've always had an irregular period. I don't get a period every month more like once every like 4 or 5 months. I've been trying to get pregnant and it hasn't been so easy. Ive gone to see a doctor. It's frustrating sometimes 😓 I was on birth control for 4 years and I think that messed it all up for me. Birth control was making me feel ugh 🤢 nauseous, I was breaking out alot and was getting horrible migraines. Now I'm 4 years off of it and feeling pure and healthy.

                                                                                • Mika Eight
                                                                                  Mika Eight  6 months back

                                                                                  So true!!!! This happened to me also when I tried to go on it for the same reason when I was like 26/ I just turned 27, I felt so off I decided to just go off of it. I felt really bloated and just not like myself mentally. I felt super insecure and unhinged. I tried it for about 2 months. By the end I would be forcing myself to take it and it felt like I was forcing myself to take it and really didn’t want to.

                                                                                  • Rosana Rufus
                                                                                    Rosana Rufus  6 months back

                                                                                    i was on the deposit shot for 2 1/2 years. (18-20 years old) i am 22 now, i’m still not able to get pregnant, even though that’s not the plan for now i’m just kind of scared like why can’t i?? or why is my body so irregular. after i got off birth control i was not able to get a period up until last year in september 2018. while i was on birth control i lost a lot of weight, i was always sad, i didn’t feel comfortable in my body, i was really insecure sometimes and sometimes i was really confident. majority of the time i would lay in bed and cry for no reason, or just sleep for 12+ hours. i thought it was something that would pass but never did. i’m glad i got off of it though bc my body is barely going back to being regular. i cant imagine if i stayed on it how i would be now.

                                                                                    • Karen Itzel
                                                                                      Karen Itzel  6 months back

                                                                                      My 5 month old likes watching ur videos. In this video he was "talking" to you and so into the video.

                                                                                      • Celina Valenzuela
                                                                                        Celina Valenzuela  6 months back

                                                                                        I took birth control twice in my life the first time within 2 weeks I was nauseous and super weak... I even had to leave work actually I was told to leave because they said I looked like I was dying lol and I immediately stopped taking them... second time I told them about what happened previously so they lower my dosage and again I felt sick and just gross so I said never again... also I have tried the IUD ugh and I hated that I had it in for about 6 months it would hurt during sex so bad like as if someone had a knife stabbing me and when I went to remove it the doctor told me that it wasn’t even working right so basically my husband and I got super lucky that I didn’t get pregnant. I hate the fact that this is happening to women and girls around the world.

                                                                                        • Heather
                                                                                          Heather  6 months back

                                                                                          •I tried the pill but I was forgetful
                                                                                          • Tried the depo, gained water weight 😭 but I loved no periods 😁
                                                                                          •Then I switched to the IUD and loved it. But hated the side effects. The mirena IUD threw my pH off, noticed over time I was getting yeast infections and had a cyst on my overies 😬 THANK THE LORD, it was only one time. I assumed it was all me or my body was changing or I’m doing something different but led to my IUD causing my body to react. I loved my IUD and had it in (first time 5 years & second time 2 years) about 7 years. Finally decided to have my IUD removed. Boom! my pH went back to normal, goodbye infections, etc.
                                                                                          switching back to the Depo, only BC I love! My periods are very light or none at all, doesn’t funk with my pH.
                                                                                          But I feel like no matter what BC I take, my moods is EVERYWHERE!! Along with weight gain & only helps my with cramps.
                                                                                          My husband thinks it’s not worth it.
                                                                                          This was my last chance trying BC and I’m 100% over with BC. I rather tolerate the cramping instead of my hormones and weight being uncontrollable.
                                                                                          Thanks for sharing 💕 Birth Control is a touchy topic and relieved I’m not the only one whom went threw this.

                                                                                          • Brit Bratt
                                                                                            Brit Bratt  5 months back

                                                                                            Heather thank you I’ve been having problems with my PH I have the mirena right now 😒

                                                                                        • Saira Garcia
                                                                                          Saira Garcia  6 months back

                                                                                          I like the story thanks girl

                                                                                          • Andrea Torres
                                                                                            Andrea Torres  6 months back

                                                                                            You should do an updated tattoo tag

                                                                                            • Carmen Cain
                                                                                              Carmen Cain  6 months back

                                                                                              yes he told me to get off it the second week i became a mad psycho woman 😱😱😱