OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing & Tour | The ultimate 2019 phone?

  • Published: 14 May 2019
  • Unboxing and hands-on tour of the OnePlus 7 Pro, the most premium smartphone launched by OP to take on Samsung's S10 Plus, the Huawei P30 Pro and the greatest handsets of 2019. Packing a triple-lens camera, top-end performance, all-day battery life and the latest OxygenOS, there's plenty to love - and starting at 650 pounds in the UK, the price is lower than many rivals.

    We show you what's in the box and then tour the OnePlus 7 Pro's hardware and software, so you know what to expect. The tri-lens camera setup boasts a new wide-angle and telephoto setup, so you can switch up your view on the go. As for the specs, you can expect strong competition for the Samsungs and Huaweis of the world. That Snapdragon 855 chipset is backed by up to 12GB RAM for insane speed, while the 4000mAh battery means you won't run out of juice. Plus, the Warp Charge 30 tech allows you to power back up in no time at all.

    Check out our full OP7 Pro camera review here on Recombu and our comparisons and early review on Tech Spurt.
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Comments • 36

  • Barry Perry
    Barry Perry  5 days back

    great video great phone of course so it has a screen protector on it out the box so i don't need to buy a separate 1

    • Thien Ma
      Thien Ma  3 months back

      Wait does the brick for the charger change for the region? I'm U.S. and I think that brick was an international one.

    • #Patrick Der Hipster
      #Patrick Der Hipster  3 months back


      • #Patrick Der Hipster
        #Patrick Der Hipster  3 months back


        • M L
          M L  3 months back

          Does anyone know if there's any channel that has covered the improved navigation gestures? The made a deal about it when they announced the phone but it seems a lot of reviewers are just ignoring it.

          • Zangetsu Black
            Zangetsu Black  3 months back

            OnePlus 7: Let's copy Apple in their best ideas
            *removes headphones from the box to make u buy separately*
            Won't be surprised if they actually ditched the charging port one day and made us buy a separate wireless charger.

            • Rameez Khan
              Rameez Khan  3 months back

              Oneplus devices never came with headphones in the first place😂

          • Sankalpa Chakma
            Sankalpa Chakma  3 months back

            Super sick phone. I'm considering buying it.

            • Dominykas
              Dominykas  3 months back

              I can't decide which phone to buy:
              Oneplus 7 or Honor View 20 🤔

              • Spieler
                Spieler  3 months back

                OnePlus 7. Better display, design and processor.

            • Game launcher
              Game launcher  3 months back

              You can tell the display is as good as the s10 the wallpaper and the icons look like stickers it like the screen isn't on

              • EbFilesX
                EbFilesX  3 months back

                Waiting on the Xperia 1, but annoyed it's not released yet and even more annoying is the apparent leak of the xperia 2. Wtf.

                I think I'll just buy the One Plus 7 Pro. Seems like a winner.

                • Bilal Ramadan
                  Bilal Ramadan  3 months back

                  Thank god, you have finally change the ultra white background 👍

                  • Anthony McKenzie
                    Anthony McKenzie  3 months back

                    If the cameras good ,and the price is right ,going to give Samsung a run for their money

                    • Rahu\_ 0493
                      Rahu\_ 0493  3 months back


                      • steve Batman
                        steve Batman  3 months back

                        Seriously thinking of ditching iPhone X for a this. If only I hadn’t bought the Apple Watch 4 which is the best thing Tim
                        Cook ever did. Decisions decisions.

                        • steve Batman
                          steve Batman  3 months back

                          JBHelps 👍

                        • JBHelps
                          JBHelps  3 months back

                          @steve Batman pretty exited to get the phone though. When it got announced I was on the order right away. They do have a lot of advantages over apple. I'm taking a look at watches but I dont think I'm fully interested in a watch yet. Let me know what your decision comes down to.

                        • steve Batman
                          steve Batman  3 months back

                          JBHelps totally get where your coming from. Not convinced by the Wear OS route. And with Google buying up Fossil’s smart watch IP it’s more of a wait and see game. What’s also a deal breaker for me I’d most watches don’t even do calls or text. Unless you buy Samsung or Apple. You’ve got to do a bit of digging to find out which as the manufacturers don’t advertise this.

                        • JBHelps
                          JBHelps  3 months back

                          @steve Batman Im gonna be honest with you. Nothing. Apple makes the best watches. But I went the galaxy watch active.

                        • steve Batman
                          steve Batman  3 months back

                          JBHelps which watch did you replace the AW with?

                      • Shady eminashp
                        Shady eminashp  3 months back

                        Wallpapers source plzzzzzss

                        • Safuan Ramlan
                          Safuan Ramlan  3 months back

                          tempted, yes..

                          • Pritam Poon
                            Pritam Poon  3 months back

                            Always great wallpapers in every phone you review which app is that??

                          • Luke Howard
                            Luke Howard  3 months back

                            So far so good👍

                            • Arno Laurie
                              Arno Laurie  3 months back

                              First, maybe

                              • Koushik Chandu
                                Koushik Chandu  3 months back

                                Waiting for the full camera review

                              • -KaZeke -
                                -KaZeke -  3 months back

                                TRULY AMAZING!!!

                                • -KaZeke -
                                  -KaZeke -  3 months back

                                  What a nice phone

                                  • Koushik Chandu
                                    Koushik Chandu  3 months back