Old Wives Tales Mythbuster PLUS GENDER REVEAL

  • Published: 12 December 2017
  • We did the old wives tales test and then revealed the gender , see if it actually worked! Hope you guys enjoy!


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Comments • 14

  • Kesh Keshhh
    Kesh Keshhh  4 days back

    Where is the Chinese gender predictor

    • Moonlight Bae
      Moonlight Bae  2 months back

      i knew it

      • Love and Faith
        Love and Faith  3 months back

        Awwwww u will love having a girl my daughter is so precious. I will be finding it what I'm having hopefully in just over 2 weeks. I'm not bothered either way as long as baby is healthy. Congratulations

        • jennilozano
          jennilozano   3 months back

          Love and Faith Awww how fun. ! It’s always fun finding out a gender !

      • Brenda Sollers
        Brenda Sollers  6 months back

        Congrats,I want a girl and everyone telling me I'm having a boy because I want a girl so bad it's a boy I will know in a few weeks

        • Brenda Sollers
          Brenda Sollers  6 months back

          @jennilozano thanks honey, you right it's my first one very bless to become a mom

        • jennilozano
          jennilozano   6 months back

          Brenda Sollers lol omg how exciting !! It’s always fun to know what you’re going to have ! No matter what it is you will be so happy when you see them for the first time ♥️

      • Brenda Sollers
        Brenda Sollers  6 months back

        Y'all look just alike,it's boy but I normally would say girl.

        • Lyzee_333
          Lyzee_333  7 months back

          congrats!! as long as baby is healthy<3

          • Julissa M
            Julissa M  11 months back

            IT,S A GIRL

            • Jan Anthony
              Jan Anthony  1 years back


              • Andrea Prado
                Andrea Prado  2 years back

                Congratulations! I also expected it to be a boy! But hey a boy or girl they are both so cute:)

                • Zuweratu Mohammed
                  Zuweratu Mohammed  2 years back

                  Congratulations Battle! You going to have a lot of fun with baby Girl!

                  • jennilozano
                    jennilozano   2 years back

                    Zuweratu Mohammed thank you so much!! I am so excited now!!