• Published: 13 March 2019
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    **many of you have mentioned the crib bumper that you see in the crib during this video. Olivia was still sleeping in our room at the time, I removed it as soon as she went into her crib for sleep. It’s SOLELY for looks!! I am a safe sleep advocate and would NEVER put my baby in a crib with a bumper. Thank you so much for yalls concern about this 💕**

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  • Jillian Butts
    Jillian Butts  2 days back

    I have never been on your channel before and I’m so glad it came up on my newsfeed!! This was such a helpful video. I am due in April with my first baby and there are so many people who say the necessity are the expensive things... thanks for such a great video😊

    • Meghan Meade
      Meghan Meade   2 days back

      That's so sweet of you!! I really appreciate you watching!! Congrats on your first baby!! Such an exciting time. April will be here before you know it!

  • eidan burn
    eidan burn  3 days back

    Lucky me I don't have those kinds of stuff....first time mom too but I feel that I didn't waste money that much... 😊🤗😉

  • Cheyenne Cadd
    Cheyenne Cadd  3 days back

    First time mom due in December with my little girl and this has been such insight and it's been extremely helpful!! Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Meghan Meade
      Meghan Meade   3 days back

      Yay! Thank you so much for watching!! Congratulations on your little girl, that’s so exciting 💕 December will be here before you know it!

  • Anita Kay
    Anita Kay  4 days back

    I always find these videos so interesting. Personally, my nursing pillow saved my life! I’m a bit on the taller side, so I needed it in order to support my wee lady high enough to nurse her. I actually had one upstairs and one downstairs in our house, and I brought it along with me if we ever went anywhere.
    The thing we got that we barely used was her white noise machine. She absolutely hated it! Her bassinet had a white noise setting on it too, and it never helped. This was so tough because she was such an awful sleeper, and that was always a recommendation anytime I researched how to help her.
    I’m actually rewatching a lot of these videos since we are planning for baby number two. I’m super curious about how different things will be for round two.

    • Meghan Meade
      Meghan Meade   4 days back

      It's so crazy how every baby is so different!! You just never know!

  • Daysha Knight
    Daysha Knight  5 days back

    I talked myself out of the dock a tock months ago because the price.

    • Allie federspiel
      Allie federspiel  5 days back

      First video I’ve seen of you barely a minute in and I love you.. I’m 35 almost 36 weeks with my first baby girl this helped me a lot! Thank you!

      • Meghan Meade
        Meghan Meade   5 days back

        Oh my goodness that’s soo kind of you to say!! I really appreciate you watching my video 💕💕 congrats on your little one! The next four weeks will fly by!

    • Tris B
      Tris B  6 days back

      Honestly if you’re gonna co-sleep I’d skip the doc a tot anyways. I might be wrong but I thought the company didn’t even recommend co-sleeping with it anyways, I always thought it was more of a baby lounger. Like a soft spot to put your newborn down on and not for sleeping at all. I know at least other similar products advertise as a longer and not for sleep.

      • Candace Pelletier
        Candace Pelletier  6 days back

        First time viewer, second pregnancy .. this review video just saved me so much money. I love how real you were about these products. I've been lusting after some of the expensive products mentioned above thanks to other youtubers and my mind has now been changed, thank you!

        • Meghan Meade
          Meghan Meade   6 days back

          It’s so easy to feel pressured to want all the newest and expensive products everyone raves about!! Thank you so much for watching 💕

      • Keshonda Gause
        Keshonda Gause  1 weeks back

        Babies are so different. My baby loves soothies so he took well to the advent bottles. I noticed he had been sipping up a lot so I bought Dr. Browns bottles and he would not take them. Also when my nephew was a baby he hated his baby swing it would scare him so he would grad the sides of it to stop it from swinging. My baby just turned 5 months and he loves his swing. It puts him to sleep 😴🙂

        • Meghan Meade
          Meghan Meade   6 days back

          I agree, each baby is so different!! Thank you for watching! 💕

        • Meghan Meade
          Meghan Meade   6 days back

          I agree, each baby is so different!!

      • Just V Garcia
        Just V Garcia  1 weeks back

        Thank you for your video
        I didn’t know about the DokAtot 😧
        Thanks for your review I will not be getting that
        I feel the same about a lot of the other products you reviewed in this video👍🏻

        • Meggan Haskins
          Meggan Haskins  1 weeks back

          I am trained in safe sleep and everytime I look at that doc a tot. I literally get the chills, I dont understand how this is legal in the U.S! It shouldnt exist.

        • LessBodyMoreHeart
          LessBodyMoreHeart  1 weeks back

          I'm an aspiring minimalist so I didnt get/buy very much for my baby. He has the boppy lounger which has been my FAVORITE thing for him. He also really loves his swing. I think people buy so much and dont really need most of it to be honest

          • Tyshay Lewis
            Tyshay Lewis  1 weeks back

            The doc a tot is breathable...

            • Meghan Meade
              Meghan Meade   7 hours back

              @Andrea Buery ^^ this!! Thank you!

            • Andrea Buery
              Andrea Buery  1 weeks back

              Tyshay Lewis

            • Meghan Meade
              Meghan Meade   1 weeks back

              If the dock a tot is used according manufacturer guidelines I definitely don’t have a problem with them! I’ve seen many people use them against manufacturer guidelines. it may work great for you! I personally didn’t find a use for mine, you may absolutely love yours!! Total personal preference 💕💕 thanks for watching!!

            • Tyshay Lewis
              Tyshay Lewis  1 weeks back

              On top of that not a single child has died due to a doc a tot

          • Vav Family Vlogs
            Vav Family Vlogs  1 weeks back

            We love the dockatot personally I’ve smashed my face into the side and it’s breathable we used it for my first daughter and now using it for our second he sleeps amazing in it

            • Hannah and Babe
              Hannah and Babe  1 weeks back

              I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has a baby that gagged on the soothies. My daughter only takes MAM but everyone gave me wubanubs or soothies because they swore by them

              • Meghan Meade
                Meghan Meade   1 weeks back

                It’s funny how every baby is so different! It’s definitely hard knowing what they’ll love or not love.

            • Quinci's Videos
              Quinci's Videos  1 weeks back

              I would definitely recommend getting different kinds of paci's! With my little girl she only liked the avent soothies she wouldnt take any other kind!

              • Margarbie Adams
                Margarbie Adams  2 weeks back

                In my opinion the doc a tot is really a waste of money. I am a soon to be first time mom but a nanny for years and i dont really see the need for it. I was gifted a box of paci wipes, and the first time i have heard of them honestly so lets see. Baby shoes just donmake sense sorry

              • Chelsea R
                Chelsea R  2 weeks back

                We're still using the boppy, daughter is 3 1/2 but I hated it for trying to breastfeed or bottle feed. We used a regular pillow instead. She just sleeps on it now and we used it for propping when she was tiny but that was it.

                • Meghan Meade
                  Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                  I haven’t thought about using it for my daughter when she’s older!! That’s a great idea!

              • Mo Corynn
                Mo Corynn  2 weeks back

                Great video! Just came across your channel. I appreciate your comments about the AAP safe sleep and dockatot

                • Isabel Moons
                  Isabel Moons  2 weeks back

                  I don’t have newborns anymore (mine are 15m) but I had to click on your video because I saw the dock-a-tot! I can’t even tell you how many times I have been dock-a-tot shamed!!!! Everyone made me feel bad for not getting it. I didn’t understand why people couldn’t see that it wasn’t safe. It almost blew my mind because people wouldn’t use bummers or pillows for their baby but they would use a DAT which was the same risk! Thanks for calling it out!

                  • Meghan Meade
                    Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                    I honestly thought this video would get a lot of shame for me not loving it!!! When I first got it, I really thought it was going to be a MUST HAVE and it was actually my mom who pointed out the risk! The more I thought about it and did research, I realized I wasn't comfortable with using it. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Totally thought I was going to be the minority!!

                • Doug Brown
                  Doug Brown  2 weeks back

                  They are band in Canada yes

                  • Amber Unraveled
                    Amber Unraveled  2 weeks back

                    Loved this video! Just discovered your channel and subbed! ❤️ I have 2 kids already but there is so much new gear out I’ve been watching these videos to see what’s worth it and what’s not for the next kiddo!

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   1 weeks back

                      Thank you so much for watching! It’s seriously overwhelming looking at all the baby gear! There’s so much out there now!!

                  • Leah Smith
                    Leah Smith  2 weeks back

                    Third pregnancy and watching because you never know everything

                    • Daph Gumi Mefi
                      Daph Gumi Mefi  1 weeks back

                      Same here 😊

                    • Jackie O
                      Jackie O  2 weeks back

                      Same 😆 its been a few years and I keep going back to the basics

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                      Yess and I’m sure it changes from baby to baby too!! What one loves another may hate 🤣

                  • Karolina Babichenko
                    Karolina Babichenko  2 weeks back

                    I’ve always felt like the Boppy pillow is so unnecessary. I just couldn’t see myself running to the other room to grab it before every feeding. But I had SO many people tell me how necessary it is and they INSISTED I add it to my registry so they could purchase it for me. I see myself using it more to prop the baby up or for tummy time but for I still never took it out of its package

                    • dacrazyone88
                      dacrazyone88  6 days back

                      Don’t have experience yet but I feel like my back will thank me instead of being hunched over. Using the boppy nursing pillow.

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                      @Megan Clark I didn't even think about using it after a C-section! That's a great point, thank you so much for sharing.

                    • Megan Clark
                      Megan Clark  2 weeks back

                      My sister swore by the Boppy pillow after she had a C-section. She said that it kept pressure off of her stitches while feeding. She quit using it as much after healing though.

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                      I totally agree with you!!

                  • Elizabeth Clark
                    Elizabeth Clark  2 weeks back

                    Summer infant has a way better co sleeping bassinet it has a mesh side

                  • Marie
                    Marie  2 weeks back

                    We’re very similar when it comes to safe sleeping.

                  • Jessica Harward
                    Jessica Harward  2 weeks back

                    Bobby’s are amazing for babies once they start sitting up assisted. Worked in infant rooms, we used to stack two Boopys behind baby with something in between the legs to help stabilize, obviously this was supervised. It works wonders for assisted sitters.

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                      This is a great idea!!!! I’ve never thought of stacking them. Thanks so much for the tip! I’m sure this will help someone out there 💗

                  • K W
                    K W  2 weeks back

                    Boogie wipes are only for when they’re sick :) you wouldn’t use them otherwise!

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                      Totally thought they were for wiping boogies sick or not. It makes sense though since they have saline solution in them! Thanks for letting me know!!

                  • Viviana Monari
                    Viviana Monari  2 weeks back

                    Agree with absolutely everything. Im having my second baby soon so I learned my lesson the first time lol
                    Its just overwhelming the amount of baby products that are out there and in reality, life with babies is so hectic than we end up not having time for a lot of stuff and just go basic. Basic is key.

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                      Yesss simplistic is best!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 honestly all the “stuff” laying around my house gives me so much anxiety! I’d rather not have it 😬

                  • Rena Donald
                    Rena Donald  2 weeks back

                    This is great! I totally agree with every except the Boppy- but I totally get where it wouldn’t work if you’re smaller/shorter. 🥰

                    • Rena Donald
                      Rena Donald  1 weeks back

                      KayElayempea oh totally! Sometimes it can be awkward but nothing is worse than regular pillows! My son is 11 months and I still use the boppy 5 times a day!

                    • KayElayempea
                      KayElayempea  1 weeks back

                      I have a boppy which I use all the time, but I have found that it depends on how and where I am sitting. Sometimes it puts the baby at just the right height and other times it does not. Overall I think it is worth it because regular pillows tend to slide away unless I have them braced against the arm of the chair or couch.

                    • Meghan Meade
                      Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                      I know so many people who love the boppy!! I’m so glad it worked for y’all 💕

                  • Samantha Graves
                    Samantha Graves  2 weeks back

                    No shoes until walking ;).

                  • Samantha Graves
                    Samantha Graves  2 weeks back

                    Boogie wipes have bad things in them

                    • Nikki Casebier
                      Nikki Casebier  2 weeks back

                      I tried the docatot for my baby when he was a newborn and we didn’t like it at all. When he was 5 months we tried it again and now we love it. He’s big enough we aren’t concerned of him rolling and suffocating in it and love how it gives him comfort. I do think it’s not recommended for inside a crib and only for cosleeping in bed.

                      • Ritadj Slimani
                        Ritadj Slimani  2 weeks back

                        نريد ترجمة للفديوھات انا من الجزاءر

                        • Not Of This World
                          Not Of This World  2 weeks back

                          Onesies with snaps. I do not have the time or energy to snap every snap especially late at night. NO! I got so many of them at the shower. Being a second time mom, I am investing in clothes that I just pull up and change the diaper and pull back down. They are called gowns and they are amazing! Plus my baby will be a winter baby. It is warmer for her to have her legs able to touch and lock in that heat. Snaps no thanks! Gowns yes, please! Preferably ones with bows or hats that go with them!

                          • Anna Childers
                            Anna Childers  2 weeks back

                            The only reason i love that they make them is NICU babies! it makes the wires easier to put through, with zipper sleepers it makes the wires come out through the neck around the baby’s head, but with the snaps you can easily put the wires through the little areas that are open

                          • Not Of This World
                            Not Of This World  2 weeks back

                            @I Love The Colour Pink
                            Some parents are blessed with kids who will sleep through the night that young. However, most are not that lucky. "Most babies don't start sleeping through the night (6 to 8 hours) without waking until they are about 3 months old, or until they weigh 12 to 13 pounds. About two-thirds of babies are able to sleep through the night on a regular basis by age 6 months...Once a baby begins to regularly sleep through the night, parents are often unhappy when the baby starts to wake up at night again. This often happens at about 6 months old. This is often a normal part of development called separation anxiety. This is when a baby does not understand that separations are short-term (temporary). Babies may also start to have trouble going to sleep because of separation anxiety. Or because they are overstimulated or overtired." (Stanford Children's Health). Not every baby or kid is the same. Just like most adults have different sleep patterns, babies have different sleep patterns also. Just because your kid is no longer a baby does not mean they won't wake you up in the middle of the night for some reason. I was woken up a few nights ago to change my four year old's sheets. Things to help when you're sleep deprived are worth it.

                            Standford Children's Health (n.d.), Infant Sleep, Retrieved from

                          • Not Of This World
                            Not Of This World  2 weeks back

                            @Meghan Meade I love the zip up ones too!

                          • Meghan Meade
                            Meghan Meade   2 weeks back

                            YESS I totally agree!!! I love the zip up ones.

                        • mommaandthewildlings
                          mommaandthewildlings  2 weeks back

                          I'm about to have my baby #4 and I agree with all of these. Babies in outfits are so uncomfortable, and all of the fancy things like WiFi monitors weren't around when I had my first 14 years ago... They just make me stressed!! I would get a pair of moccasins if you have an autumn or winter baby instead of shoes just to keep their feet warm when you're out, but other than that baby shoes are just funny when you see them after you've had a baby 🙈 xx

                        • kryztal Rutten
                          kryztal Rutten  3 weeks back

                          I agree with most of these. I really wanted a doc a tot this round. But too expensive. But my babies have all loved the boppy. My boys (8&4) still sleep with theirs. We bedshare but have her crib up against my side so we can move her if needed. We cloth diaper so I love shirts and separate bottoms but we live in Florida so it’s usually just a diaper and shirt lol. Love your video.

                          • Jessica Ely
                            Jessica Ely  2 weeks back

                            I agree the boppy. My nephew still uses his and hes 4. My daughter still uses hers and shes 19 months and we are done breastfeeding.

                          • Meghan Meade
                            Meghan Meade   3 weeks back

                            Thank you so much for watching!! I’ve always wanted to try cloth diapering but I’m super intimated by it!!

                        • 09gamecock
                          09gamecock  3 weeks back

                          Dock a tots in USA aren’t approved for safe sleep either. That is why they are called a cosleeper-the only thing safe for sleep is a bassinet, pack n play, and crib. I guess the only purpose would be supervised awake time during the day. However, idk if it’s even supposed to go on the couch or only approved to go on the floor.

                          • Katie Clarke
                            Katie Clarke  3 weeks back

                            I loved the DockATot but hated that my daughter got so dependent on it. It was nice when we traveled home to family that she could sleep. We don’t co-sleep but I surprised myself, when she got a cold at 2 months, I wanted her close to me to hear her breathe and co-slept then in this. It was great.

                            • AmyrooRNwiththeRNY F
                              AmyrooRNwiththeRNY F  3 weeks back

                              This video is EXACTLY all of my thoughts on baby things all rolled into one. From the dock a tot to the lollipop. Same same same. ❤️

                              • Meghan Meade
                                Meghan Meade   3 weeks back

                                I thought I would be the odd ball when I made this video 🤣 so many people rave about all of the things I mentioned! I’m glad I’m not alone!!

                            • Kitty Coon
                              Kitty Coon  4 weeks back

                              The snuggle me organic snuggler is so much better than the dock-a-tot!! It’s safer, cheaper and made of organic materials! I love that thing and have gotten soooo much use out of it🙌 life saver!!

                              • Meghan Meade
                                Meghan Meade   4 weeks back

                                I know so many people love the snuggle me!! Maybe when we have another baby I'll try it out.

                            • Autumn Moon
                              Autumn Moon  4 weeks back

                              My sister is an infant teacher at a daycare (in America) and they are not allowed to use dok a tots because they’re a huge SIDS risk.

                              • Meghan Meade
                                Meghan Meade   4 weeks back

                                Yes!!! So much risk! Not worth it to me.

                            • Ashley Jantzi
                              Ashley Jantzi  4 weeks back

                              Yes doc a tot is banned here in canada

                              • Keri Stafford
                                Keri Stafford  1 months back

                                I personally love pacifier wipes for times when we are out or a sink isn’t easily accessible at the time!

                                • Meghan Meade
                                  Meghan Meade   1 months back

                                  That makes sense! Olivia never took Paci, but if our future babies do I could totally see them coming in handy.

                              • Alicia Ramsdell
                                Alicia Ramsdell  2 months back

                                Thank you so much for this informative video ❤️love from Minnesota 🌲

                                • Meghan Meade
                                  Meghan Meade   2 months back

                                  Thank you for watching. I appreciate you!!

                              • Dahlia Jones
                                Dahlia Jones  2 months back

                                I work in childcare and anytime I see stuff about the dokatot or even when I see parents use cosleepers or even when they put tons of blankets and stuffed animals in the cribs I cringe so hard. The baby can suffocate!!! It makes me crazy seeing that stuff. I did extensive training on sleep safety for babies and it is so serious.

                                • Jessica Ely
                                  Jessica Ely  2 weeks back

                                  Something to think about with a blanket. If the ends are tucked underneath the mattress and safety pinned at all 4 corners under the mattress there is nothing to worry about. We did this with our daughter during the winter. We lived in Switzerland it got extremely cold and our house was 300 years old. The house had shitty insulation. This SIDS is really overrated. Majority of Europe has low SIDS rates. Babies cosleep, have bumpers, have blankets, and a stuff animal.

                                • Meghan Meade
                                  Meghan Meade   1 months back

                                  @Chantal Chantal You can do whatever you feel is best for you and your baby! I'm a worry wart and personally only choose to use the bassinet or crib for safe sleep!

                                • Chantal Chantal
                                  Chantal Chantal  1 months back

                                  Why can you leave your baby in to safely nap besides a bassinet? Im so confused if it’s not a snuggle me or Dockatot

                                • Meghan Meade
                                  Meghan Meade   2 months back

                                  I agree! I take safe sleep soo seriously!

                              • Army Diaries JD
                                Army Diaries JD  2 months back

                                Your video was amazing

                              • Jacqueline De Varona
                                Jacqueline De Varona  2 months back

                                The doc a tot doesn’t even look comfortable, I don’t know what all the rage is. Agreed w all your suggestions!

                                • Meghan Meade
                                  Meghan Meade   2 months back

                                  Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you tuning in!