Old Wives Tales Gender Predictions + Gender Reveal [YessyRBAker] ❤

  • Published: 17 February 2018
  • Hello Guys, Thank you so much for clicking on my video. I wanted to share what worked and what didn't with the Old wives tales gender predictions. I hope it work for you. Don't forget to subscribe for more and comment what worked for you.

    Pregnancy update 3-5 Week

    Pregnancy update week 8

    Pregnancy update week 12

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Comments • 16

  • Moonlight Bae
    Moonlight Bae  4 months back

    circles for the ring test means a girl not a boy

    • Brenda Sollers
      Brenda Sollers  8 months back

      I think girl

      • Brenda Sollers
        Brenda Sollers  8 months back

        Hello, how can you really tell?

        • Rahmath Shiju
          Rahmath Shiju  9 months back

          Girl or boy do you have

          • Ana Rajan
            Ana Rajan  1 years back

            132 bpm n 37w 5 days

            • I DONT KNOW FOOL
              I DONT KNOW FOOL  1 years back

              I just tired the spoon test and got a girl i guess ill find out May 10th... Ive had a feeling its a girl this whole pregnancy so far and even have a name picked...

              • Milly Edwards
                Milly Edwards  1 years back

                What did you end up having? I did the fork and spoon method too and I instantly sat on the spoon. I'm already a mama to a boy and have had a feeling that this time round I might be pregnant with a girl. I find out in four weeks or so.

              • I DONT KNOW FOOL
                I DONT KNOW FOOL  1 years back

                YessyRBaker will do 😀

              • AllAboutYessy
                AllAboutYessy   1 years back

                OMG i'm so excited. please give me an update whenever you find out for sure! Good luck lady

            • Connie Alvarez
              Connie Alvarez  2 years back

              Congratulations on your baby Girl. I can't wait to meet her.❤❤❤

              • Khiabet Cuadra
                Khiabet Cuadra  2 years back

                Awe congrats girl

              • jhc_xx
                jhc_xx  2 years back

                congrats yessy! weird but i had a feeling you were gonna have a girl from the moment i saw the video when you announced you were expecting! lol i swear i have this weird skill of guessing genders and i’ve been right all the time; so far! lol - good luck! can’t wait to keep seeing your belly grow!

                • AllAboutYessy
                  AllAboutYessy   2 years back

                  jhc_xx I'm still in shock. Thanks so much for watching

              • paty diaz
                paty diaz  2 years back

                Awww!!! Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊 I have a boy and this time around I always thought it was going to be a boy too but We are having a girl 👏🏼👏🏼

                • AllAboutYessy
                  AllAboutYessy   2 years back

                  paty diaz hahaha we are in the same boat lady. Congratulations ♥️