Game Of Thrones Episode 4 Theories... | #LIFEATCOMPLEX

  • Published: 03 May 2019
  • On this episode Complex staffers give their thoughts on what they anticipate in episode 4 of Game Of Thrones. Which main characters will be knocked off? Who will claim the Iron Throne? What was Bran Stark looking at? So many questions need to be answered by the writers. Later on Complex celebrates Arab Heritage Month with a big lunch time feast courtesy of Al-Basha restaurant in Paterson, NJ. Latin artist Miky Woodz also stops by for a Complex News shoot, which should be airing some time soon!

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  • adoracle1
    adoracle1  2 months back

    PS not enough people died? seriously? lol. My entire family, and we are all over, Hawaii,Ca,Wis,Montana, Texas, Oregon, Florida, etc etc SCREAMING at our televisions in rage and terror for the ones who bit it. hahahaha. enough people died. thank god the injured dragon survived though

    • adoracle1
      adoracle1  2 months back

      what if JAMIE kils Cerci to protect the new lady knight? why can I never remember her name? you know though, there is only one lol. I'd friggin LOVE to see Jamie do that hellspawn of a sister/lover/ewww IN lol

      • Ericson Corpuz
        Ericson Corpuz  2 months back

        lunch time

        • Emma Francis
          Emma Francis  2 months back

          Do play boi cargo sneaker 👟 shopping

          • BZEAL
            BZEAL  2 months back


            • Kristopher David
              Kristopher David  2 months back


              • Alexander Arvizu
                Alexander Arvizu  2 months back


                • Sweet Bloody Havoc
                  Sweet Bloody Havoc  2 months back

                  Ser Davos is the only one who survives, thus begins Empire Onion!

                  • Dilbert Doe Fanboy
                    Dilbert Doe Fanboy  2 months back


                    • Fabo Andolini
                      Fabo Andolini  2 months back

                      00:22 that's not a theory that's like saying "I think Dany is gonna be a Queen and Jon will be sad"

                      • Andrew Johnson
                        Andrew Johnson  2 months back

                        Do a sneaker shopping with lud foe

                        • Noémie L
                          Noémie L  2 months back

                          Ghost will sit on the iron throne with nymeria as his hand

                          • KiiBoY AMV
                            KiiBoY AMV  2 months back

                            Night King went out like a bitch. 7 seasons of build up for "the long night" but shit only lasted one night.... Better than Helms deep my ass 😒😒

                            • Curtis Exford
                              Curtis Exford  2 months back

                              2:22 Lol

                              • W H
                                W H  2 months back

                                GoT is entertaining but you trippin if you think it's better than sopranos, the wire or breaking bad.
                                It's like you a hypebeast into the new flashy expensive shit (which ain't even that good really) vs being OG and respecting the real classics.

                                • Alec Louison
                                  Alec Louison  2 months back

                                  Wilson yeah but at one point these shows were also newbies. when it’s all said and done they’ll put GoT in the same category trust me

                              • Henry Rios
                                Henry Rios  2 months back

                                The Drake Curse Is Real

                                • LeBeautiful
                                  LeBeautiful  2 months back

                                  Episode 4 oh mannn!

                                  • freshlyunreal
                                    freshlyunreal  2 months back

                                    Why are they whispering lol

                                    • Noah
                                      Noah  2 months back

                                      Still never seen an episode of this still 😭 is it any good?!

                                      • Alice D
                                        Alice D  2 months back

                                        It’s just the best TV show of the whole history

                                      • Jose Urrutia
                                        Jose Urrutia  2 months back

                                        Noah give it time though if you don’t like it after S1 you probably won’t like it then but give it a shot !

                                      • Jose Urrutia
                                        Jose Urrutia  2 months back

                                        Noah yup

                                      • DJ Akademiks69
                                        DJ Akademiks69  2 months back

                                        It is. You should give it a chance

                                    • matt waller
                                      matt waller  2 months back

                                      No way is GOT better than The Wire.

                                      • Joshua Wilsher
                                        Joshua Wilsher  2 months back


                                        • Howell Consultations
                                          Howell Consultations  2 months back

                                          To anyone reading this, know that success is coming this year, Hope our channel helps !!

                                          • Sergio Plasencio
                                            Sergio Plasencio  2 months back