22 OLD WIVES TALES Gender Prediction Tests!!🚼👶

  • Published: 10 March 2017
  • 22 OLD WIVES TALES Gender Prediction Tests!! 🙋OPEN ME🙋

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Comments • 78

  • Elisa Morotti
    Elisa Morotti  2 weeks back

    Team boyy the belly shape

    • Cayla Benjamin
      Cayla Benjamin  2 weeks back

      Plot twist it’s a boy

      • Abagail Norville
        Abagail Norville  3 weeks back

        She must really want a girl cuz she did half of them wrong and that's why it was a girl🤣🤣🤣🤣

        • Christopher Martinez
          Christopher Martinez  2 months back

          How can you really believe the string ring test. No human is so still for it to do what its gonna do without the influence. But what are you having?! The suspence is killing me!

          • Abagail Norville
            Abagail Norville  3 weeks back

            The ring test is actually supposed to be done with your hands going back and forth in between each finger then you hold it over your hand and if it swings back in forth is a girl if it spins it's a boy if it does nothing your done have kids I have done it multiple times I keep getting girl,boy, boy ,girl, girl then it stops. My first is a girl and my second that I miscarried with was a boy and I'm hoping this one is a boy that I got pregnant with.

        • Lucresia Poyser
          Lucresia Poyser  2 months back

          What was it

          • Ashley Noble
            Ashley Noble  3 months back

            Never eaten garlic before?

            • Tyler White
              Tyler White  4 months back

              I think that it's a girl and not a boy maybe i'm 50/50 on it for right now really don't no?

              • አፎሚያ አራጋው

                Boy or Girl?????

                • አፎሚያ አራጋው


                • Binny khadgi
                  Binny khadgi  6 months back

                  U should had perfectly hold still ur ring when u r going to do the ring test...ring was already swinging B4 it predicted the gender..

                  • Julie Graham
                    Julie Graham  3 weeks back

                    When i was pregnant i done the ring test it spun at first then swung across my belly and i had a boy .

                • Lilly Perdomo
                  Lilly Perdomo  6 months back

                  i really enjoyed you video sooo cute

                • ارهابي الشامي ،،،

                  حدا يترجم لا العربي مشان نفهم

                  • Alcnrb Aleljr
                    Alcnrb Aleljr  3 months back

                    @Siham Mssikine مافي معلوم

                  • Siham Mssikine
                    Siham Mssikine  3 months back

                    @Alcnrb Aleljr walad

                  • Alcnrb Aleljr
                    Alcnrb Aleljr  4 months back

                    ياريت والله حداا يترجم انا مافهمت شي ..انا حامل بشهر لاول وعملت اختبار الملفوف وصار زهري ومابعرف شو يعني ولد وله بنت

                • First time Mama2019
                  First time Mama2019  6 months back

                  I did the baking soda one and it didn’t fizz or anything no reaction lol

                • shyloo sharmi
                  shyloo sharmi  6 months back

                  Finally what's ur baby gender as you delivered the baby already?

                  • shyloo sharmi
                    shyloo sharmi  6 months back

                    @The Schindley Family Can you share your delivery experience? I am 7 weeks 4 days pregnant. This is my first baby. I am so scared about delivery. Any tips. Thank you for your reply :)

                  • The Schindley Family
                    The Schindley Family   6 months back

                    Girl 😊

                • Mareeya Chang
                  Mareeya Chang  6 months back

                  Carrying low a boy carrying high a girl
                  Craving salty a boy
                  No pregnancy glow is a girl
                  Partner didnot gain weight its a boy
                  Moody a girl
                  No eye dilation is a girl
                  Ring in circles is a girl
                  Check heart rate if above 14o its a girl or below a boy
                  Chinese gender prediction its a girl
                  No morning sickness is a boy
                  Round belly is a girl, pointy is a boy
                  Sleep on right side is a girl
                  Right boob big is a boy
                  No headache is a girl
                  If dream of a gurl its the boy or vice versa.
                  Feet are cold its a girl (colder will be a boy)
                  Baking soda did not fizz its a girl

                  I will do a few of these when i have a big bump. I am 9 weeks and 3 days right now so now bump, its just my own fat belly 😂

                  As per these tests, i have 4 tests that say ill have a boy and 8 says that ill have a girl!! Now lets see.. if someone sees this by the time i know my gender, comment here so ill update

                • tayla brown
                  tayla brown  8 months back

                  I always got told with the baking soad test if it frothy like a beer its a boy and if it dose nothing a girl so id put that one as a boy

                  • Rehana zafar
                    Rehana zafar  11 months back

                    Every body wants boy 🤫

                    • Melanie R
                      Melanie R  12 months back

                      The day this video was uploaded is my birthday lolz

                      • The13thLost
                        The13thLost  12 months back

                        If you had red hair you’d look like Ariel from the little mermaid

                        • Olivia Landry
                          Olivia Landry  12 months back

                          I can tell it’s gonna be a boy

                          • Elizabeth Selph
                            Elizabeth Selph  12 months back

                            You’re supposed to use first morning urine for the tests! The draino is supposed to be the blue crystals, not the liquid! There’s also one you can do based on which side the placenta is attached... left is girl, right is boy!

                            • Amelie Todd
                              Amelie Todd  12 months back

                              He so obviously wanted a boy!! :(

                              • Diane Poths
                                Diane Poths  1 years back

                                My family does the needle test and it always works

                              • Lora Hall
                                Lora Hall  1 years back

                                This video is adorable but as a new watcher what is up with the music being so loud we can't her them speak and then it being randomly chopped off and randomly added back in?

                                • Jessica Mackey Photography
                                  Jessica Mackey Photography  2 months back

                                  I am in the same boat.. new viewer and I almost clicked away cuz of the music... I'm pregnant as well and tbh it's kind if getting on my nerves lol

                              • Kim Dalton
                                Kim Dalton  1 years back

                                Why does austin look so much like peeta from hunger games?Seriously but just with different face shapes

                                • missy spiffy Dee
                                  missy spiffy Dee  1 years back

                                  Wow great family..... Hope u got ur heart desires.........

                                  • tipptoes 17
                                    tipptoes 17  1 years back


                                    • Elizabeth catt
                                      Elizabeth catt  1 years back

                                      Watch it be a boy

                                      • Sheena Martin
                                        Sheena Martin  1 years back

                                        So did you have a boy are girl ♡♡

                                      • Salman Yaseen
                                        Salman Yaseen  2 years back

                                        a boy ? or a girl ?

                                        • Salman Yaseen
                                          Salman Yaseen  2 years back

                                          What u have after this ?

                                          • Salman Yaseen
                                            Salman Yaseen  2 years back

                                            what u have now after this ?

                                            • Tanjon Zou
                                              Tanjon Zou  2 years back

                                              just get any gender baby from out of no where and hold that baby. if you see a baby girl, new born to 2 yrs old and hold that baby ( if the other mother let you ) and she is upset, or crying, uncomfortable or does not want you touching her any more or at all: your having a girl. but if she is so focused on you belly and like you holding her and she gets mad if mama puts her back in the stroller away from you, it's a boy. this method has always been accurate

                                              • Dory Macombe
                                                Dory Macombe  3 months back

                                                this is the only one i believe so far , when i was pregnant with my daughter my nephew who was about 4 years old was following me everywhere .when i was at my sisters house he would be besides me the whole time and it all changed after i gave birth .

                                              • mariah secrest
                                                mariah secrest  3 months back

                                                what if your holding a boy baby what do they do

                                              • Kiarah Davis
                                                Kiarah Davis  3 months back

                                                this JUST happened to me the other day ! I don’t want another boy 😩

                                              • April Townsend
                                                April Townsend  4 months back

                                                That's creepy lol

                                            • Ana Rajan
                                              Ana Rajan  2 years back

                                              How long its true??

                                              • Ashley Stanley
                                                Ashley Stanley  2 years back

                                                I loved your Tim the Toolman joke!  I loved that show so much!  This was super funny.  I see you had a girl, so I guess some of these may have some validity?

                                                • Madelynn Pickles Foster

                                                  I do the eye thing all the time...

                                                  I'm strange

                                                  • nicoleandeliana217
                                                    nicoleandeliana217  2 years back

                                                    don't be discouraged Austin! my wives tales chart looks just like that and I just found out I'm having a BOY! I'm due Aug 20, just a couple weeks behind you.
                                                    I guess BOY for you guys, and can't wait to find out next week!

                                                    • nicoleandeliana217
                                                      nicoleandeliana217  2 years back

                                                      HannahStephanie I'm not sure what her due date is. I'm due August 20, and I think she is at least 2 weeks ahead of me based on when she posts her weekly updates on her other channel!

                                                    • HannahStephanie
                                                      HannahStephanie  2 years back

                                                      nicoleandeliana217 What is there due date please x

                                                  • OHANA MAMA
                                                    OHANA MAMA  2 years back

                                                    omg haha girls crushed it! but i still think boy, i think i just get the vibe.

                                                  • It's Ashleee
                                                    It's Ashleee  2 years back

                                                    Can't wait to see what the baby will be Tuesday!!! lol this was great to watch !!!

                                                    • Mommy Siren
                                                      Mommy Siren  2 years back

                                                      If it makes him feel any better... all my predictor tests said girl with both of my pregnancies that were BOYS!!! Lol Team Boy Still!! <3

                                                      • Kasey Lyn
                                                        Kasey Lyn  2 years back

                                                        I loved this video just like all the others. I'm still on team boy! I can't wait to find out what y'all are having.

                                                        • Southern Style Momma
                                                          Southern Style Momma  2 years back

                                                          5:10 that little thing you did cracked me up lol

                                                        • Brooke Brady
                                                          Brooke Brady  2 years back

                                                          Don't worry Austin I had ALL girl wives tales and I found out I'm having a boy!!

                                                          I'm still gonna say team boy!

                                                          • Brooke Brady
                                                            Brooke Brady  2 years back

                                                            BugNBaby I was thoroughly convinced I was having another girl lol (I have two already 5 and 16 months)

                                                          • The Schindley Family
                                                            The Schindley Family   2 years back

                                                            +Brooke Brady haha I get the feeling this is going to happen!😂

                                                        • Dawn Lowery
                                                          Dawn Lowery  2 years back

                                                          i dont like those tests lol
                                                          TEAM BOY

                                                          • Tank CityQueen
                                                            Tank CityQueen  7 months back

                                                            My nephew changes his attitude and its odd. Sometimes he wants me to hold him all the time and sometimes he refuses to be around me. I have a son and daughter sometimes my son loves to be around me and sometimes my daughter I feel like I'm having twins tho

                                                        • Tawny Lowther
                                                          Tawny Lowther  2 years back

                                                          Yay go team girl!!!! We are in the lead!!! 🎀🎀

                                                          • briannas life
                                                            briannas life  2 years back

                                                            i did the baking soda test with both my pregnancies it was right both times :) both boys

                                                            • Menna Alnagger
                                                              Menna Alnagger  2 months back

                                                              @zina ayache anytime

                                                            • zina ayache
                                                              zina ayache  6 months back

                                                              Hi how many weeks you can do the test plz I’m 10 weeks

                                                            • Ashlynn Sousa
                                                              Ashlynn Sousa  7 months back

                                                              The first time I did it, it fizzed like beer and the last two times it did nothing.

                                                            • Leela Fox
                                                              Leela Fox  2 years back

                                                              briannas life *56+.

                                                            • The Schindley Family
                                                              The Schindley Family   2 years back

                                                              +briannas life that's awesome! I just hope we did it right haha.