Final Fantasy VIII HD Remaster - Top 5 Tips and Tricks Most People Dont Know

  • Published: 19 January 2018
  • Final Fantasy VIII HD Top 5 tips and tricks that nobody know's. I bet there are a few here you dont know! (PS4 Pro, PS4, Steam, Xbox 1, PS1) Showcasing all Boss Fights,optional Boss fights, Sidequests, Cutscenes, Endings, Secrets, Grinding Spots,how to get Ultimate Gear and trophy Guides along with all news and updates – No Commentary

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Comments • 991

  • Blake Richards
    Blake Richards  2 days back

    Anyone else screw up when getting tomberry king by accidentally leaving the area

    • Primalliquid
      Primalliquid   2 days back

      you can leave the area, it doesnt reset the tonberry kill count, only the remaining timer. Hell this is how people get king without getting odin

  • manbeast47
    manbeast47  2 weeks back

    Definitely didnt take your time to break it down enough. Last time I played this game I was 9 and I just fought hard and potion spammed until I almost beat the game (the no-magic-allowed castle) and would love a slower in-depth explanation.

    • hjkljhhkl
      hjkljhhkl  2 weeks back

      Stop apologizing for how long ur videos take. Great content!

      • Lowkey Kora
        Lowkey Kora  2 weeks back

        NEED HELP: When I go to obtain Lionhart ,my Dragon Fangs aint showing when I have 11 of them. I have all other items to buy it. Please help!!!!

        • P Type Gaming
          P Type Gaming  1 weeks back

          Are you sure it's fangs and not skins or fins?

      • Mysiu
        Mysiu  2 weeks back

        It took me 9 hours to get 60 Elynole cards... For Squall and Quistis. Rinoa needs another 20! The Triple Triad never ends!

        • Mysiu
          Mysiu  2 weeks back

          @Primalliquid Zell and Selphie are allready covered :-D

        • Primalliquid
          Primalliquid   2 weeks back

          ouch your a mad man going for Quistis and Rinoa's weapons (zell needs some love to btw xD)

      • Catlan
        Catlan  2 weeks back

        Best trick is uninstalling this terrible game and playing any other Final Fantasy game.

        • ArmidianKnight
          ArmidianKnight  2 weeks back


          • Ale Dro
            Ale Dro  2 weeks back

            Best tip for this game, learn to play triple triad XD

            • Primalliquid
              Primalliquid   2 weeks back

              yep pretty much its the most rewarding venture in the entire game by miles

          • Ronald
            Ronald  2 weeks back

            Love how u say "however"

            • Jonathan Symes
              Jonathan Symes  2 weeks back

              Okay I’ve never played this game before. What brought me here is this card game which is playable within this game and there’s some things you’ve got to do if you want to gain access to something? A limit or special item I’m not to sure. I’m not to great at card games and I did become confused watching this video. I’m feeling drawn to wanting to buy ffviii but I’m feeling a bit put off because of this card game... I have a feeling there’s something you’ll need to do.

              • Jonathan Symes
                Jonathan Symes  2 weeks back

                Primalliquid I have another question to ask I hope it’s okay. All those abilities he has for instance T mag-rf so on how do you learn them? As I’ve never played this before and I don’t really want to miss anything important

              • Jonathan Symes
                Jonathan Symes  2 weeks back

                Primalliquid do you don’t need to do it for any special items for limit breaks? Not even for that attack rinoa has I think it’s called end game?

              • Primalliquid
                Primalliquid   2 weeks back

                So the cards are just a way to become super super overpowered really early on, however its a minigame that is absolutely NOT required for the game at all.

            • Hatsune Elissu
              Hatsune Elissu  2 weeks back

              heres my tip and still using it till this day!
              *Try NOT to level up UNTILL u get the "+1 bonus" things from gf's*
              abit annoying because you need to card every encounter or run from every battle untill then.

              • Nguyen Huy Duc
                Nguyen Huy Duc  2 weeks back

                @Hatsune Elissu and after we feel much stronger than normal boss, we will quit soon.
                That is the reason i never go till disc 4 after many tries. Lol

              • Hatsune Elissu
                Hatsune Elissu  2 weeks back

                @Nguyen Huy Duc yea, but once u do u wil have around 200+ strenght at lvl60-70!

              • Nguyen Huy Duc
                Nguyen Huy Duc  2 weeks back

                The worst part of this is when you did it right, the game become much more easier than we thought!. Lol

            • dqsang90
              dqsang90  2 weeks back

              Can we still do the infinite item trick using the chocobo world in this remastered version?

              • Primalliquid
                Primalliquid   2 weeks back

                No, you can do it with rinoa search (no chocobo world on the remaster, all items were moved to rinoa's search) but thats not until disc 3 anyway

            • coal james
              coal james  2 weeks back

              LOL, I imported a PS1 mini player when I was a kid to play the ff8 chocobo game. It didnt work even though the game says it supports it.

              In the end I used a gameshark to get the minigame only items =P .

              • Andrew Bower
                Andrew Bower  2 weeks back

                I actually ordered a PocketStation from Japan when it came out. It was a clear shell one. I had it for two weeks when my dog decided to rip The PocketStation out of the Playstation and destroyed the hinged part. Oh well.

                • Puppy Monkey Baby
                  Puppy Monkey Baby  2 weeks back

                  Is there any way to get cure at communication tower right before you fight Elvoret? I forgot to get it before hand.

                  • Puppy Monkey Baby
                    Puppy Monkey Baby  2 weeks back

                    @Primalliquid Okay I'll check it out. Thank you

                  • Primalliquid
                    Primalliquid   2 weeks back

                    soldiers have cure,cura and curaga depending on there level

                • Derique Potillo
                  Derique Potillo  2 weeks back

                  I remember i forgot to draw siren.. the worst thing to do. I had NOTHING to combat against status effects or malboros lol

                  • Teng Thor
                    Teng Thor  3 weeks back

                    FF 8 is my favorite FF and I never knew about any of these tricks. Lol. I'm ashamed, I think I'll do a playthrough using all these exploits.

                    • Ryu Dragonchild
                      Ryu Dragonchild  3 weeks back

                      Oh, 2 Things i dont know. The mecha spider and the cards trick/tip. Thanks maybe more of that type of Videos?

                      • Nguyen Huy Duc
                        Nguyen Huy Duc  2 weeks back

                        It s wellknown long time ago. The mecha spider is not easy like in video.

                    • rusted sword
                      rusted sword  3 weeks back

                      Does anyone know if the angelo search speed will be affected by the speed up function in the remaster game?

                      • Phoenixs Ascension
                        Phoenixs Ascension  3 weeks back

                        Theres someone named jack maldeir who reposted your video on his channel with no edits from your original here. I just thought you should know. The only thing that's different from yours is the pic you see before starting the video. It even starts with you saying its primal liquid. Idk if you gave them permission just seemed off and I dont like content stealers.

                        • Phoenixs Ascension
                          Phoenixs Ascension  3 weeks back

                          @Primalliquid your very welcome. I cant just stand by when I see wrong being done to others. I reported it as well and I hope your right. People like that deserve what comes to them. Love your work and glad I could help😊

                        • Primalliquid
                          Primalliquid   3 weeks back

                          Thank you he does not have permission no, just another leech trying to make money by stealing from others. ive reported it to youtube anyway. and given the amount of creators he's stealing from he'll likely lose his channel within a week.

                      • ABaumstumpf
                        ABaumstumpf  3 weeks back

                        FF8 was released in 1999 - on PC, With Chocobo-World included.

                        • Aram Tapacian
                          Aram Tapacian  3 weeks back

                          It's funny how I start to get so many FF 8 suggestions right now when tomorrow it's the release

                          • Sacred faithful
                            Sacred faithful  3 weeks back

                            Lionheart disc2, no gf card or hero card mod. The secret is tonberry gf ability and elnoyle card. Cheers 😉

                            • Sacred faithful
                              Sacred faithful  3 weeks back

                              I see on the long beach 🤣😂 anyway thanks for the nostalgia

                            • Sacred faithful
                              Sacred faithful  3 weeks back

                              Didnt know you can get dragon fang on grendel, but the adamantine?

                            • Primalliquid
                              Primalliquid   3 weeks back

                              you can get lionheart on disc 1 without modding any GF or Character cards.

                          • Cobaltking tartarus
                            Cobaltking tartarus  3 weeks back

                            younhave a lot of the same games I do on your desktop.

                            • PuppyLuvU2
                              PuppyLuvU2  3 weeks back

                              The remaster is almost here in a couple more days. with all the built in cheats things should go a lot faster and easier for a lot of these things.

                              • Primalliquid
                                Primalliquid   3 weeks back

                                yea but not everybody wants to use them and they might also disable trophies.

                            • TheFluff89
                              TheFluff89  3 weeks back

                              A few days. Can't wait

                              • D.Wasp27
                                D.Wasp27  3 weeks back

                                zell's limit break finale. u can use it even without reading the manual. u just have to know the correct pattern for his finales. it works even in the steam and remastered version, try it!

                                • Chris Middlebrook
                                  Chris Middlebrook  3 weeks back

                                  So many play throughs , I guess its time to learn how to play the cards lol , I normaly juz go after the big bosses and gf, iam so hyped to play this again!!!!

                                  • Erika Maier
                                    Erika Maier  3 weeks back

                                    Can't wait to start to play it again, but on ps4!!! So looking forward for it. 💕

                                    • DarkFrozenDepths
                                      DarkFrozenDepths  3 weeks back

                                      no mention that your party's levels affect the levels of enemies?

                                      • bongos mcDongos
                                        bongos mcDongos  2 weeks back

                                        @T Doran yeah that's why you grind magic to junction instead, or card the enemies so you gain AP but no XP. Your GF gains new abilities and power ups while the enemies remain the same.

                                      • DarkFrozenDepths
                                        DarkFrozenDepths  3 weeks back

                                        @T Doran you do get raw stat increases from GF abilities and magic junctions... This only goes but so far....

                                        Leveling makes up the difference... And the trick is to find a good point where you aren't too high level, but also get the biggest stat boost possible.

                                        But this is tricky depending on what you have and where you're at in the game. But it is possible to get a Squall that can solo everything as early as the ifrit kill with enough grinding and use of the game's broken systems

                                      • T Doran
                                        T Doran  3 weeks back

                                        DarkFrozenDepths but you literally said enemies level up alongside you so there’s no point in grinding.

                                      • T Doran
                                        T Doran  3 weeks back

                                        DarkFrozenDepths but you literally said enemies level up alongside you so there’s no point in grinding.

                                      • DarkFrozenDepths
                                        DarkFrozenDepths  3 weeks back

                                        @T Doran to hope that your stats surpass theirs...

                                    • DJRGRnl Surinaamse Hindoestaanse DJ

                                      I have hope for a second installment, remake or something of ff9

                                      • Zul278
                                        Zul278  1 weeks back

                                        I hope they atleast consider it after 7 remake is done. FF8 has amazing story. The thought of playing the end of FF8 disk one event on modern graphics sounds amazing

                                    • Orange Knight
                                      Orange Knight  3 weeks back

                                      HD Remaster? Isn't this just a HD version?

                                      • Almus Rayne
                                        Almus Rayne  3 weeks back

                                        Best tip I have is that you DON'T want to level up early. You want to stay as low a level as possible until the end of disck three.

                                        • Samuel-74
                                          Samuel-74  3 weeks back

                                          Or get the Rosetta stone from prison at start of disc 2, and teach 4x ability to one of your GF.
                                          You should have 4 bonus abilitys allready (Hp-Brothers, Str-Ifrit, Vit-Carbuncle and Mag-Siren) and should get the 5th after returning to Balamb Garden (Spr-Leviathan). Then you can start level up your characters...

                                      • Сергей Любимов

                                        Спасибо за отличный видос. Я эти секреты знал лет 17 назад. Подзабыл давно в школе финалку проходил до дыр. Даже через стены ходил. Правда не всё открыл там.

                                        • mrx
                                          mrx  3 weeks back

                                          sep 3 it be on xbox one so no telling if going to do a plug for chocobo world

                                          • mrx
                                            mrx  3 weeks back

                                            5 ever one know about it come out i did 4 was something i find out on my 2 play back in the day #1 i know about it form notes a tech give me back in the day

                                            • Lewis Britchford
                                              Lewis Britchford  4 weeks back

                                              What do you card modify to get tornado's and what is the turbo boost. when i get the remaster on ps4 next week how will i turn it on? or what is it?

                                              • Matthew Macrow
                                                Matthew Macrow  3 weeks back

                                                @Lewis Britchford just looked it up it's quezlcotl, the ability called t-mag rf (you may need to learn card and card mod first to unlock it)

                                              • Matthew Macrow
                                                Matthew Macrow  3 weeks back

                                                @Lewis Britchford I'm about 90% certain its quezl once you learn the card command and card refine abilities

                                              • Lewis Britchford
                                                Lewis Britchford  3 weeks back

                                                @Matthew Macrow and what gf has the wind refine ability?

                                              • Matthew Macrow
                                                Matthew Macrow  3 weeks back

                                                Abyss worm = windmill = 20 tornadoes (with the wind card refine ability)

                                                If you're REALLY dedicated though 100 flares are a tiny bit better then tornado and gives you the option of having a wind element for the elvoret boss meaning you pretty much obe shot it when you're done drawing magic from it

                                                Ruby dragon x 10 = inferno fang = 20 flare

                                            • Time Vortex
                                              Time Vortex  4 weeks back

                                              what i would do is , take . this . game anD create . a . real . AAA out . of it. u . don't imagine the success...the school thing will make any teenager and even grown ups like IT. you could clear the campaign wich would be this exact story from FF8 with the same . characters and story progression...but more developed maybe with more influence from ff9 stuff as well...those 2 worlds plus maybe more final fantasy stuff you create not a multi player online but a co-op game where you could control the 3 chars or with co-op not make it required to be on a team with people that doesn't . work very well . could have an end game where u use ur char to battle even stronger monsters to get new weapons maybe and abilities and then even could be a PVP game battling with guardian forces and that...but must be turn based the combat where u plan ur attack not press buttons and smash opponent...u build ur char like originally by getting gear training guardian forces and then junction and farming magic to improve ur abilities...must be turn based imo :D

                                              • brainwater01
                                                brainwater01  4 weeks back

                                                I wonder if this is going to effect the value/cost of original and working copies for the PS1 game.

                                                • C. S.
                                                  C. S.  4 weeks back

                                                  Having the no encounter buttons undermine the whole point of getting it through the junction system..

                                                  • ivan villalobos
                                                    ivan villalobos  4 weeks back

                                                    Hiii cool vid, can you do one of the lighthing returns, FFX TKSSS

                                                    • YourLastWish
                                                      YourLastWish  4 weeks back

                                                      Chocobo world is a different game no?

                                                      • Primalliquid
                                                        Primalliquid   4 weeks back

                                                        when it comes out on PS4 this will very likely work, it will more than likely just be an option on the main menu like where you select "New Game" and "load Game" ect

                                                      • YourLastWish
                                                        YourLastWish  4 weeks back

                                                        @Primalliquid reason I ask. When it comes out on ps4 this wont work then.?

                                                      • Primalliquid
                                                        Primalliquid   4 weeks back

                                                        kinda but not quiet

                                                    • Andrea Casula
                                                      Andrea Casula  1 months back

                                                      And what about throwing a phoenix down to the Fake President when he becomes a zombie? He dies instantly :)

                                                      • sallofatani
                                                        sallofatani  1 months back

                                                        Where is chocobo forest?

                                                        • Primalliquid
                                                          Primalliquid   1 months back

                                                          they're spread out, first one you can get is on the snow island to the north once balamb is moveable.

                                                      • Mean Durphy
                                                        Mean Durphy  1 months back

                                                        You'll get 20 elnoyle cards from Trepe Troupe member #1 in the cafeteria in no time at all

                                                        • Stanislav Saar
                                                          Stanislav Saar  2 months back

                                                          I found one interesting way!
                                                          Lionheart after defeating Brothers GF:

                                                          Fight mid-grade T-rexaur (with fira and thundara draw) at 18+ lvl to get dragon fang.
                                                          Learn Diablos Mug ability. Lvl up ur characters to lvl 30+. Fight elastoid in the dream (Lunatic pandora) as Laguna and steal Laser canon. Transform 3 laser canons to 15 pulse ammo using Ifrits ability (steal 1 more laser canon for Quistis ability).
                                                          Defeat brothers and transform Minotaurs card to 10 adamantine.

                                                          Congratz! You got a Lionheart at disk 1!

                                                          • Primalliquid
                                                            Primalliquid   1 months back

                                                            you can get it earlier than that, you can get pulse ammo from cards at the very start of the game by converting energy crystals into ammo and you can get adamantine from the adamantoise monsters outside dollet area before heading to deling city.

                                                        • Jennifer
                                                          Jennifer  2 months back

                                                          i know im a year and a half late on this video, but I just ant to say that I never would have thought of the mega potion gil trick. I just made over 20 million gil by doing that while I watched this video. THANK YOU!!!

                                                          • ashofoblivion
                                                            ashofoblivion  2 months back

                                                            Dragon fangs can actually be gotten easier if you dont intend to mug elastoids in lagunas dream sequence.

                                                            The grendels drops them frequently along the west edge of the forest that youd encounter the same laguna dream sequence but only if your party average level is under 20 i believe?

                                                            That makes farming the adamantine a tad harder though because it only drops I believe above average level 30 from adamantoises.

                                                            But using that method you dont ruin your stat potential by being near max before you have GFs with the stat plus abilities. Since T-Rexaurs dont drop them before like level 60 or so.

                                                            The elastoid farm method however requires a party average level of i believe 70.

                                                            So you can have lionheart before deling city and under level 45