50 Cent on Hip Hop Friends and Foes | HPL

  • Published: 22 September 2012
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    50 Cent chats with Marc about assuming too much responsibility with G-Unit, his thoughts on Jay-Z's career and his inability to understand the recent death of manager Chris Lighty. HuffPost Live is a live-streaming network that puts you, the community, front and center. HuffPost Live streams 12 hours of original programming 5 days a week with highlights showing overnight and on weekends. We operate out of state-of-the-art studios in New York and Los Angeles and feature a rotating team of hosts and producers.

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Comments • 85

  • Lorenzo Franco
    Lorenzo Franco  5 years back

    05:05 I thought Fif was gonna smack the shxt outta Marc, when he raised his voice.

    • Mohammad Shaheen
      Mohammad Shaheen  5 years back

      i was half-listening to this interview and jumped at that sudden outburst of obnoxious 

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan  5 years back

    The interview guy looks. Like mayweather

    • M R
      M R  6 years back

      50 disappointed with banks and yayo. They could be so much more but they're like "Man I got 10 mil, fuck all of y'all"

      • Lorenzo Franco
        Lorenzo Franco  5 years back

        At the same time, he does empathise with them because Buck & Banks are much younger than him, so, naturally, they'd be different mentality-wise (hence why he helps them so much despite their laziness/work-ethic).

    • Fluctuation
      Fluctuation  6 years back

      hahahahahahh so cute.

      • Harvin Singh
        Harvin Singh  6 years back

        Hahaha feeding America the way he said it seemed like he was playing a game

        • Harvin Singh
          Harvin Singh  6 years back

          Feeding America hahaha the way he said lol


            fuckboys who goes in the comments against 50

            • Russ TheMuss
              Russ TheMuss  6 years back

              These guys get money while everybody argues about who has the best music lol

              • Abomadable
                Abomadable  6 years back

                Shut the hell up!!!! Ya think they sonewhere arguing about what yall gettin! Get off they nutts and get on ya grind.

                • dallasgangsta187
                  dallasgangsta187  6 years back

                  Jay never sold 10 mill

                  • Amir
                    Amir  6 years back

                    His hair cost more than your house!

                    • Sergio Garcia
                      Sergio Garcia  6 years back

                      I'm sorry. Tell me how is 50 better than Jay? 50 was the shit in 2003-2005. Fuck I still love his music today but come on now. Let's be realistic here Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, & The Black Album are better than Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

                    • Sergio Garcia
                      Sergio Garcia  6 years back

                      In what way is 50 better than jay?

                      • DJ GOTT
                        DJ GOTT  6 months back

                        Sergio Garcia he didn't marry a Boy

                    • dan man
                      dan man  6 years back

                      one of jay z groupies i see

                      • dan man
                        dan man  6 years back

                        50 cent doing multiple business ventures and still releases records u bitch

                        • DEVIL COMMANDER
                          DEVIL COMMANDER  7 years back

                          i can understand 50 cent being rich, he's articulate and intelligent, and his music is alrite (not great). so how the FUCK does lil wayne get money? dumbest motherfucker in the game right now.

                          • Hakim Vlogs
                            Hakim Vlogs  7 years back

                            Dumb fuck @diddyme2011 firstly it was a TI concert and they were all invited and were back stage or else 50 would have came on from the crowd, secondly jayz pulled him onto the stage, thirdly it's rap/hiphop it's competitive he feels like he runs New York so he said it, and what!? It's not like he randomly said it, it's in his song

                            • Makeveli The Don
                              Makeveli The Don  7 years back

                              Lol il like his comment bout game it was

                              • Pseudonym
                                Pseudonym  7 years back

                                Got a bit more respect for 50 after this.

                                • juniormint1995
                                  juniormint1995  7 years back

                                  The interviewer looks like floyd mayweather

                                  • Jermel Kidd
                                    Jermel Kidd  7 years back

                                    Fuck 50 CENT!!!!!!!! FUCK THE NIGGA

                                    • Alex Whi
                                      Alex Whi  7 years back

                                      can't stop watching at his eyebrow

                                      • Alex Whi
                                        Alex Whi  7 years back

                                        My life, Major Distrobution, New day.
                                        50 Cent is going nr.1 with SKI
                                        The bomb is coming

                                        • antoine marquis
                                          antoine marquis  7 years back

                                          him being not hungry thats stupid that nigga be moving steady on the grind

                                          • BIGG HOMIE
                                            BIGG HOMIE  7 years back

                                            i could listen to a 50 cent interview all day...because he never holds back on questions.

                                            • Havin
                                              Havin  7 years back

                                              I think I could listen to 50 cent for hours!

                                              • diddyme2011
                                                diddyme2011  7 years back

                                                dude the amount of times theyve dissed each other....they dont respect each other,a prime example is when 50 went onto a jay z concert stage uninvited and started causing tension and say stuff like " i run new york" right in front of jay z-jay z feels like he is the idol of new york,which some might say is true...others would say 50 "cuz hes more ghetto" or some shit

                                                • johnnyjr2345
                                                  johnnyjr2345  7 years back

                                                  I like watching Lamont, very intelligent person. I wish he would teach at my university.

                                                  • Adam Majer
                                                    Adam Majer  7 years back

                                                    Wow 50 cent actually think thinks before he speaks. How many rappers do that these days.

                                                    • TM91
                                                      TM91  7 years back

                                                      Why are Jay Z fans getting butthurt lool, what did 50 say wrong about Jay ? He even called him a winner, JayZ fans act like bitches

                                                      • miggidymark
                                                        miggidymark  7 years back

                                                        It's been a loooong time since 50 was hungry, that's why he stalled...lol

                                                        • Sergio Garcia
                                                          Sergio Garcia  7 years back

                                                          With my comment I know not to speculate over things that can't be proven.

                                                          • Conrad Murray
                                                            Conrad Murray  7 years back

                                                            By your comment, you know nothing

                                                            • Sergio Garcia
                                                              Sergio Garcia  7 years back

                                                              First off Jay Z is not a camel if you going to argue with someone who knows Hip Hop then don't sound ignorant. Jay Z never "used" his people they used him. But that's just my opinion, we would never know since Jay says one thing and Jaz O and them say other things.

                                                              • Bobsi
                                                                Bobsi  7 years back

                                                                Whats up guys, Ive just uploaded my DEBUT music video on my channel and would LOVE for you to watch it and respond with some feedback.


                                                                • Elijah
                                                                  Elijah  7 years back

                                                                  lol his eybrows

                                                                  • Sergio Garcia
                                                                    Sergio Garcia  7 years back

                                                                    Prove it? How do we know 50 ain't a puppet? Fact is Jay has more classic albums, he is a better emcee. I love 50 but he can't fuck with Jay Z.

                                                                    • nasmdok53
                                                                      nasmdok53  7 years back

                                                                      jay aint shit but a stupid puppet

                                                                      • Darren Seals
                                                                        Darren Seals  7 years back

                                                                        50 Cent got the up most respect for Jayz an vise versa.....y'all dick riders need to stop a ting like these dudes not human like they don't have flaws

                                                                        • DMX killed my dog
                                                                          DMX killed my dog  7 years back


                                                                          • Sergio Garcia
                                                                            Sergio Garcia  7 years back

                                                                            Jay is better than 50. I ain't butthurt

                                                                            • Sergio Garcia
                                                                              Sergio Garcia  7 years back

                                                                              My butt actually hurts. I fell down lol

                                                                              • SilverWorldEnter
                                                                                SilverWorldEnter  7 years back

                                                                                Interviewer: Eminem?

                                                                                50 Cent: Best in the Business.

                                                                                • Steven Maher
                                                                                  Steven Maher  7 years back

                                                                                  50 always disses jay now that he's matured and understands himself he realises that jay has always been a winner ..50 was all about dissing rappers to get publicity, least he's matured now

                                                                                  • Jeremy Esters
                                                                                    Jeremy Esters  7 years back

                                                                                    Marc Lamont does a good job with the interviews. He should have submitted a tape to 106 and park.

                                                                                    • Justin Poindexter
                                                                                      Justin Poindexter  7 years back

                                                                                      I'm surprised he didn't say "Bi-Polar" for The Game haha

                                                                                      • Sammy Maina
                                                                                        Sammy Maina  7 years back

                                                                                        they might say sh*t about him but you gotta respect this ma'f#c>r.mad respect

                                                                                        • MrSandmanTv
                                                                                          MrSandmanTv  7 years back

                                                                                          A lot of people don't know but Jay is very selfish when it comes to pumping up and brining in in new artist he's more about making his own money and f everyone else type.... 50 Supports his new artist a lil more....as much talent as Kanye had Jay didn't even wanna work with him at first becuz of his clothes...so I like Jay-z but he needs to be more like Rick Ross and 50 Cent when it comes to developing artist under his label